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3D? Sony Doesn’t Need No Stinking 3D.


by Captain Oblivious


Well there it is….the PSP 2. Or maybe not. Right now Sony is going with the NGP which stands for Next Generation Portable. With Nintendo headed like a freight train with their March 27th release of the 3DS Sony decided to show off their response and their response was power. Pure power. How do you combat “glassless” 3D? They decided to give us a system with the power of the PS3 along with an OLED screen, dual analog sticks, front touch screen, rear touch pad and Wi-Fi and 3G support for online play.

Whew….dang Sony. You drive a hard bargain.

No price point or release date has been given yet but Sony has said that the NGP will be in our hands by the end of the year. Sony also gave a quick look at some of the games in development which included:

– Uncharted (God yes!)

– Hot Shots Golf

– Killzone

– Little Big Planet

– Resistance

– Hustle Kings

EA also confirmed that a new Call of Duty is in development for the new handheld. While I am a Nintendo fanboy I did love my PSP. So much so that I bought two of them. And while Nintendo surely have a hit with the 3DS Sony is showing that aren’t going to give up on the portable market yet.


Anne Hathaway Makes The Dark Knight Rise


by Captain Oblivious

I apologize. I could not resist the title. Anyway this is a bit of old news but news I wanted to talk about anyway. And that is the announcement that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. Not only that but Tom Hardy’s role has been revealed to not be that of Hugo Strange but of Bane.

First off I love the Hathaway casting. I mean look at some of the other rumors out there. Megan Fox? The acting piece of cardboard that was so bad that Michael Bay did not want her anymore…..MICHAEL BAY!! Cher………no. Anne Hathaway is as good as it gets in Hollywood right now and I love it.

And while i am a bit disappointed the Joseph Gordon Levitt casting did not pan out I will gladly watch Tom Hardy in anything. And Bane in the hands of Chris Nolan should be done the proper way. A twisted man raised in prison that uses any means necessary to be better than and break the Batman.

The New Thundercats Look….Well New


Here ya go. The first pic from the new Thundercats cartoon hitting this year. What do I think about it? Three out of four ain’t bad. Tygra has a whip…check. Cheetara is a hot cat lady that may make you have weird thoughts when you are way too young to process them….check. And Panthro (always my favorite) looks like a complete B.A. as he should being the B.A. of the group. Then there is Lion-O. Oh how manga has corrupted you. Oh well like I said three out of four ain’t bad.


Captain’s LWP (Listen, Watch, Play)

by Captain Oblivious


Well guess who’s back? Time sure does fly when your……well honestly doing absolutely nothing but now I’m back with a new look and the same old stuff. Blogging must be like riding a bicycle you just gotta get back on and pedal. But seeing as how I never learned how to ride a bike (shut up I was a fat kid and top heavy so I don’t wanna hear it) this may be a bit more difficult.

We will just start out on the easy side here with a new idea from my feeble brain called the LWP. And if you read the title already you should know what that means. I won’t make any monthly promises but it will be up here from time to time in between the other fun times posted. Just a quick look at what is drawing my attention at the moment.



My Chemical Romance- Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Boy has a lot changed since 2006. While I still readily have The Black Parade in the cd holder to pop in at any time Danger Days has come along and completely blew my mind. A complete departure from Parade this is a completely new MCR. Pop heavy with rather snappy hooks and a pretty darn happy sound to it. I know what you are thinking. Pop heavy? Snappy hooks? WTF? What is wrong with you?! Color me just as surprised but this newfound style by MCR has elevated them in my book from “good” to  “must listen”.

*Songs to download if you’re too lazy to buy the album*

-Bulletproof Heart

– The Only Hope For Me Is You

– Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back

– S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

– The Kids From Yesterday



2011 Royal Rumble

Well it is that time of year. Time to start counting down to Wrestlemania. And since it is in Atlanta this year you know tickets are already ordered. This year for the first time ever there will be 40 men instead of the traditional 30. While that sounds good on paper I’m hoping that doesn’t make for a watered down Rumble match. My early pick to win it all….Alberto Del Rio.



Dragon Age: Origins

I know, I know I am late to the Dragon Age party. But better late than never. There are so many games to catch up on and so little time. I am in the middle of four games right now so give me a little slack. I am loving what I am seeing so far out of Dragon Age. Easiest way for me to describe it so far is KOTOR in medieval times. Plain and simple. And that’s not a bad thing.