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Captain’s LWP (Listen, Watch, Play)


by Captain Oblivious


February is turning out to be a good month for the old Captain. Plenty of stuff to keep his mind occupied. But not enough to keep from referring himself in the third person. And now that he has started doing that he has to keep going….at least until the end of his paragraph. Ok that’s all.



*Watchmen (Original Soundtrack)

I have been on a movie soundtrack kick for about three weeks now listening to various ones that have not been played in a while. Right now I am on Tyler Bates forgotten and highly under appreciated score to Zack Snyder’s epic.


*Archer- Season 2

Besides Modern Family this may be the funniest show on television. Secret agent Sterling Archer (aka Dutchess…man she loved that dog) and the drones at ISIS try to save the world all while fighting off competing agency ODIN and each other. Look simply put this show is hilarious, vulgar and has the best voice casting ever for an animated show. Do yourself a favor and catch up with season one, it’s only 15 bucks on Amazon. Thank me later.

* All-Star Superman

Despite what some people may think I love Grant Morrison. I just did not like the R.I.P. storyline was all. No one can bat a thousand. Other than that he is one of the best comic writers of the last twenty years and that includes All-Star Superman. In it Lex Luthor has finally done what so many have tried before….he has killed Superman. By poisoning him with a lethal amount of solar radiation Superman is dying and has a small amount of time to finish his life’s work. Translating this to an 80 minute animated movie was no easy task for the folks at Warner but they have done an admiral job. True a lot of stuff is left out (Bizarro world comes to mind) but what is remaining is done very well and lives up to the spirit of Morrison’s work. Quick score: 8/10.


* Killzone 3

I just picked this up on release day (yesterday) and have put about two hours in so far and I am loving it all. Gameplay is tight and responsive and you move a bit quicker which is a big improvement because you kind of felt a bit slow in Killzone 2. I am already in love with the soundtrack and the game looks as good as anything the PS3 has put out. In short, so far it is the quality shooter I was expecting.





Dances With Superman


by Captain Oblivious


First of all shut up about the title I had to come up with something.

The news around the interwebs today is that Kevin Costner is in talks to play “Pa” Kent in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman: The Man of Steel. And while some people may scoff at the news I personally am loving it. Just because Costner hasn’t done anything memorable in a decade doesn’t mean that he isn’t one hell of an actor. As you will see below.

Superman: The Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill and will release holiday 2012.

And as promised here is Exhibit A why I love me some Costner. From one of my favorite movies of all time JFK.

New Thor Trailer. Now With Less Asgard!


by Captain Oblivious


Here is the second and presumably final trailer for Thor. While the first one focused more on the mythical world of Asgard this time around we get more of the Earth bound story and that is fine by me because you know what that means? That’s right, more Natalie Portman! So with that alone this trailer makes it for me. And I have to admit I did laugh at the coffee cup part…..

Take a look below.



X-Men: First Class Trailer

by Captain Oblivious

The one superhero flick that has somewhat fallen by the wayside is X-Men: First Class. While the interwebs and word of mouth continues to banter about for Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern, Matthew Vaughn and crew have chugged along towards their June 3 release. And really can anyone be blamed for not being too excited about another X-Men movie? After X-Men: The Last Stand was stillborn and the afterbirth that followed called X-Men Origins: Wolverine we need some kind of proof that this next X flick will be worth our time.

Enter our first look at the movie. And from what I’ve seen from the first preview I can say that I am a bit optimistic. I like James McAvoy in just about anything and Michael Fassbender looks to be channeling his inner McKellan. I love the music also and the fact that they make it perfectly clear that this takes place in the 60’s.

One thing this trailer could use more of? Kevin Bacon!!

Captain America: World Police

by Captain Oblivious


I love this video so much that I will almost be disappointed if Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s classic (that’s right I said classic) song isn’t on the soundtrack.



Best Of 2010…..Well Movies Anyway

by Captain Oblivious

Well I’m not sure about the rest of you but I am glad that 2010 is in the rearview mirror for more reasons than one. But just for a moment we’ll put 2011 on hold and I’ll let you know what I thought were the best movies of last year and a few other awards just because this is my blog and I’m feeling whimsical. Feel free to throw your opinion out there on what movies made you laugh, cry, jump or cringe this past year. Without further delay let’s roll!

*Top Ten Movies of 2010*

1. Inception

– Like any other movie but Chris Nolan’s bending, twisting mindscrew would be on the top of my list. Inception was a once a generation movie that will still be thought of 20 and 30 years from now.

2. True Grit

– It continues to amaze me how the Coen brothers continue to put out movies of the highest quality over and over again. Jeff Bridges performance was incredible but it was Hailee Steinfeld that absolutely stole this movie away from two Oscar winners in Bridges and Matt Damon.

3. Shutter Island

– A DiCaprio double dip! He and Martin Scorsese proved that you can tell a psycho-thriller story with no jump out scares and excessive use of blood or gore. What a refreshing take in this world of torture porn horror movies.

4. Toy Story 3

– Pixar followed up one of their best ever (UP) with quite possibly their best ever. Closing out the story of Woody and Buzz in the best possible way, by reminding us that when we are kids toys are more than pieces of plastic but members of our family.

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

– I know a lot of people won’t get Scott Pilgrim upon watching it but as for me I thought Edgar Wright took the world of the comic book movie and turned it upside down. Not just one of the funniest but one of the most unique films you will ever see. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work was perfectly translated.

6. The Town

– When will people stop treating Ben Affleck like a joke and give him the benefit of a little respect? Watch The Town and be prepared to respect. Affleck writes, directs and stars in this gem that shows a part of Boston that only people that grew up there know about. His love for the city can be felt in his performance and the way everyone is portrayed….even the heartless.

7. The Social Network

– What started out just being called “that Facebook movie” turned into a glaring look at something that has literally affected how this world socializes and connects to one another. Aaron Sorkin’s script moves at such a snap pace that it hardly gives you time to process all that is going on and that is a good thing. It puts you in the world of Mark Zuckerberg and forces you to see how fast everything was ballooning out of control and dares you to keep up.

8. The King’s Speech

– Set in 1930’s England the movie follows Prince Albert, the Duke of York and his rather tenuous relationship with the man who is hired to rid him of his near debilitating stammer. Set against the backdrop of the royal family’s sordid issues all while the threat of war looms Colin Firth is really amazing in this movie. Not a lot of people’s cup of tea (pun intended) but it is well worth your time to watch.

9. Kick-Ass

Wow movie studios spending hundreds of millions of dollars and my two favorite comic movies are Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass….go figure. Violent, bloody fight scenes filled with excessive vulgarity and most of it involving a 13 year old girl. Kick-Ass is very different from anything you have ever seen before but it embodies the very spirit of the comic.

10. Get Him to the Greek

– While this year was filled with good comedies (Dinner for Schmucks, Date Night) no movie made me laugh harder than did this pseudo-sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Everything from Diddy explaining the art of mind****ing someone to me now knowing the fact that when I smoke a Jeffrey it helps to stroke a furry wall made this easily the best comedy I saw all year.

* Honorable Mention Stuff*

Best Use of 3D- Jackass 3D

– I saw a lot of 3D movies this year and most were sub-par but nothing can match having a hundred dildos come flying at your face to open up your mind to the glorious world of the third dimension.

Most Forgettable Movie- Robin Hood

– I honestly could not retell you one scene in this movie. While the preview made it look like Gladiator Light the movie itself was Gladiator 2: The Cure for Insomnia.

Best Popcorn Flick- The A-Team

– There were plenty of good candidates for this pick (Red, Predators, The Expendables) but I think my childhood love for the TV show won in this situation. The casting was great and I mean come on they drove a parachuting tank into a lake by shooting the gun!!! Seriously….awesome.

Most Pleasant Surprise- Easy A

– Ok if you know me then you know of my affinity for Emma Stone. I want to have babies with her all while surviving the zombie apocalypse at the same time. But this movie surprised me by it’s smart writing and being a pretty dang funny movie and a good off telling of The Scarlet Letter.

and quickly……

*Best Soundtracks of 2010*

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Alexandre Desplat)

2. Inception (Hans Zimmer)

3. Get Him to the Greek (various artists but mostly Infant Sorrow)

4. The Social Network (Trent Reznor)

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (various artists)

Well I guess that puts a nice little bow on the movies of 2010. Now to look forward to 2011 and all the movie goodness it will involve (hopefully).

The First Avenger: Captain America Poster Revealed


by Captain Oblivious


Let the hype for Captain America officially begin! Only a few days away from the trailer debuting during the Super Bowl Paramount has released the first poster for what I believe is the linchpin to the whole Avengers movie that Marvel set in motion with the release of the first Iron Man.

What do I think? Heck I freaking love it. I like the darker tone of it cause with a character like Cap it could have been too easy to go with an overly bright red, white and blue look. And people can crap on the casting of Chris Evans but I think everyone will be shut up when the movie comes out.

I am looking forward to Thor but I am almost school girl giddy for Captain America. I have no problem admitting that.

The First Avenger: Captain America releases July 22.

Want Some Nerd News? Here You Go.

by Captain Oblivious


– First off see that dude? That’s Henry Cavill and that is your new Superman. I will admit I don’t know jack about him except he was in the Showtime series The Tudors. But he was almost cast as The Man of Steel in Superman Returns as well as almost being offered the Bruce Wayne gig by Christopher Nolan and the role of James Bond before Daniel Craig was cast so by that alone he may be that awesome who knows? I’m just putting my trust in Zack Snyder like I did with Watchmen and hope for another winner.

– Joseph Gordon Levitt may be about to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises after all. Suddenly all seems right with the world. Who’s he going to play? I don’t care. The mere fact that Nolan’s third batflick may include the JGL is blowing my mind.

– Javier Bardem is in talks to be the new Bond villain. Holy poopstick.

– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 releases on April 15th and will include a piece of the Part 2 opening scene. Hard to believe it’s almost over.

– The trailer for Captain America will debut during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Am I the only one thinking it’s about freaking time!?

– Killzone 3 is out February 22. Finally something to occupy my time. Mindless killing.