Captain America: Super Soldier Review

Or maybe this game should be called Captain America: Hydra Asylum because you can not play this game without seeing the basic design and controls for Batman: Arkham Asylum ripped off thoroughly. And I am not meaning that in a derogatory way because if you are going to base your design and control scheme off another game why not take it from one of the finest action titles ever released?

The game takes place while the movie is happening and yet has a story that is not directly involved with the movie. If you have seen the movie you can pretty much tell that this happens during the montage of battles that take place after Steve Rogers stops being a USO show and takes up being a real war hero. Cap dives into a Hydra facility that ends up being on the grounds of Baron Zemo’s castle. You must make a way for the Howling Commandos and soldiers to enter the grounds and discover what exactly Hydra is doing behind the castle walls.

The castle is not as expertly designed as Arkham Asylum but it has more than its share of twists and turns and interconnecting tunnels to keep you looking for a bit. It just does not spring to life like Arkham or Rapture from Bioshock but few games accomplish that. Sega has filled the game with collectibles to ensure that you do search every nook and cranny of the Hydra base and I did find myself trying to find all the ceramic eggs, Zemo diaries, film reels and break every statue I could. Maybe it was because I was surprised how decent a movie based game I was playing. Who knows?

Control wise if you have played Batman: AA then you pretty much know how to play this game. That was the most impressive part of the game was how solid the combat was. Strikes are performed with one button  and must be used in conjunction with counters and shield attacks. I hate to keep coming back to Batman but just insert in a star spangled shield instead of batarangs and there you go. You also have special attacks that build up and when unleashed are devastating slow motion hits that really add a satisfying finish to fights.

The pros in Cap far outweigh the cons which include a wonky camera, jumping sections that are too easy and the game holding your hand through some sections instead of figuring things out for yourself. The graphics are not great but they get the job done and honestly I was having fun enjoying the combat to notice any glaring graphical hiccups.

Is Cap a great game? No it isn’t but it is a decent game that is made good by the fun combat. And in the world of movie based games you can do worse. Much, much worse (i.e. see Iron Man)

Score: 7/10



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