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10 Great Themes Of Forgotten Wrestlers


The wrestling business is the epitome of a high turn around job. You can be hired and fired without even making it onto television. And even for the select few that do make it stardom is never assured. But whether the wrestlers’ run last for years or mere weeks they will no doubt come equipped with theme music. So here is some of the best themes for ten wrestlers that have fallen by the wayside. This is no top ten just a random list because there are way more than ten awesome themes floating out there for forgotten mid (or low) carders.


Mike Awesome (ECW)

Before The Miz trademarked the word Mike Awesome held the title of Awesome One. Before WCW made a joke of him, his run in ECW was violent and impressive and he has some of the greatest lyrics in any theme ever.


D-Lo Brown


The master of the head shake and chest plate. D-Lo was always under utilized in my opinion.




Could they wrestle a decent PPV match without being fired? No. Did they have music you could easily fist pump to? Yes.


Sandman (WWE)


Enter Sandman is one of the greatest metal songs of all time but this is his WWE theme I am talking about. Not a bad theme considering it had to follow Metallica.


Kidman (WCW)


Kind of a shame that Kidman will be remembered for great theme music and being the guy that hit Stacy Keibler before George Clooney did.




What’s not to like? A militant sounding theme, he wrote wonderful poetry and possibly raped Michael Cole in a backstage vignette.


Los Boricuas


I don’t understand a word of it but it makes me want to watch wrestling and eat a taco.


Rob Conway


The king of Sunday Night Heat. Somewhere Randy Newman is rolling over in his grave. What? He’s not dead? Are you sure?




This character was actually way ahead of the curve and a great creepy theme.




He has great music, gives amazing speeches at weddings and punts babies. Don’t believe me? Watch this…