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New Gears of War To Be Announced At E3!!

This has just been released online and already the interwebs are ablaze about a new Gears of War game set to be announced at Microsoft’s press conference on Monday to open up E3.

The Game Informer cover above is from their July issue and the front has purposely been blacked out until the announcement next week. To me it looks like Marcus in handcuffs so let the prequel talk begin.

Epic has many avenues to take with the Gears universe and as fans of the novels know that all the characters have been through quite alot before the beginning of the game series.

My early guess is that if it is a prequel it may be about Marcus’ time in prison which would go with the just released novel, The Slab. We only have till Monday to find out.

Pull List 5/30/12

Batman Annual #1
Scott Snyder gets the opportunity to write Mr. Freeze’s introduction into the new DC universe and completely nails it. Freeze escapes from Arkham (during the Night of the Owls) to hunt down Bruce Wayne who he blames for his accident and disappearance of his popsicle wife, Nora. We get the doctors back story beginning way back with memories of his mother having and accident. Snyder has kept the origin story almost intact except for one nice, big twist that is so good that it adds an all new depth to the character.
Score: 9/10

Animal Man Annual #1
I have just caught up with Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man and think it is one of the better titles DC is putting out every month. This story picks up right after issue 9 when Buddy had become infected with the Rot. Socks tells Maxine a story of the last time the Rot came and tried to overtake the Earth. A new Animal Man has been exposed and the Swamp Thing of the time join forces to drive the Rot back.
Score: 8/10

Super Crooks #3
Johnny gets to hear a rather gruesome story about how The Bastard punishes his victims to try and dissuade him from robbing him but alas it doesnt work. The group breaks down the mansion plans and suit up to start the robbery. As Kasey waits at the airport she gets a not so pleasant surprise.
Score: 8.5/10

The Ultimates #11
Tony and Thor make a deal to talk to the President about bringing Reed to justice. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents continue tracking down Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye to a secret facility where Nick Fury has a little secret hiding. Issue ends with a good cliffhanger and Reed accepting peace terms with the U.S.
Score: 8/10

Star Trek #9
The Enterprise stops on a planet know as Beta 3 and sends Sulu and another crew member to recon. When they go missing Kirk, Spock and Bones head down to the planet and discover the remains of a Federation ship and a computer that looks Federation built but was kept a close secret.
Score: 8/10

Star Trek/ Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 #1
The Earth comes under attack by a Borg fleet that do not seem interested in assimilation, only destruction. Federation officers manage to get the Prime Minister off world in a shuttle as we skip to the good doctor, Amy and Rory in the middle of an adventure in ancient Egypt. After saving the Pharaoh they hop into the TARDIS and drop into what they believe is 1940’s San Francisco but realize that Data in a pinstripe suit is a little out of place. Uh oh…holodeck fun. Good crossover start.
Score: 8/10

Game of Thrones #8
Ned tries to uncover the mystery Jon Arryn unraveled before his death. He learns from Littlefinger than multiple sources within the kingdom are keeping tabs on him. Back on the Wall Jon befriends a new brother, Samwell Tarly and learns how he came to be relegated to the Wall from nobility. Good to see Sam introduced this month finally.
Score: 8/10

There were a lot of releases also that I could not pick up simply for money reasons. Hack/ Slash Omnibus #4, Batman: Death by Design, Batman: Prey re-release to name a few. Rest assured they will be gotten soon.

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Batman: The Animated Series Anniversary Review Ep.1-5



On Leather Wings

A break in at a lab leads the police to think Batman is acting not so legal like. Tossing a guard voiced by Bull of Night Court out of a window will do that. Bullock is given a squad of officers against Commissioner Gordon’s better judgement to hunt down the vigilante. Batman investigates the crime scene and evidence leads him to a Dr. Kurt Langstrom and his wife and father in law who do scientific studies on bats. It doesn’t take Bats long to figure out the good doctor has been conducting experiments on himself to change himself into a mixture of man and bat and that he has been committing the crimes. The two have a mid air tussle before Batman gives him the old brick wall to the head. He takes Man-Bat back to the cave and synthesizes an antidote for him and returns him to his wife all naked and human looking.I wouldn’t have chosen Man-Bat as the initial villain for the series opener but it did establish the characters that we would be dealing with during the series in a good way.

Score: 7.5/10




Christmas With The Joker

Joker’s first episode finds him escaping from Arkham on Christmas Eve by using a rocket disguised as a Christmas tree. Look this ain’t Nolan’s realistic vision OK? So get over it. As Bruce and Dick sit down to watch It’s A Wonderful Life they are interrupted by The Joker putting on a Christmas special on television for all of Gotham. He has kidnapped Gordon, Bullock and Summer Gleeson and leads Batman and Robin in a chase all over the city to find where he is broadcasting from. After dealing with machine gun Joker toys and 30 foot tall baby dolls the dynamic duo trace down Joker and rescue the hostages and end the Christmas holiday on a happy note.

Score: 8/10




Nothing To Fear

Right off the bat let me say that I have always loved Scarecrow’s theme on this show. Even after 20 years if I were to hear it I would instantly begin to think of the character. Ok, that being said the episode starts with a mysterious figure known as Scarecrow committing multiple robberies against Gotham University. During one Batman intercepts Scarecrow and his henchmen and is infected by Scarcrow’s fear toxin. He begins to have visions of his murdered parents telling him he has shamed the Wayne family while trying to unravel the mystery of who this new villain is. His investigation leads him to former doctor employed by the university, Jonathon Crane who happened to be specializing in fear when he was fired from his job. He tracks the not so good doctor down to his hideaway and turns the tables on Scarecrow by giving him some of his own fear toxin. Another win for the dark knight.

Score: 8/10




The Last Laugh

I know what you’re thinking. Another Joker episode so soon? Well why not? It’s April Fools Day and a garbage barge is floating through Gotham releasing a gas that makes anyone who breathes it start uncontrollably laughing. Joker and his men use this opportunity with gas masks to have their pick of the city. Batman begins investigating the gas and soon realizes that extreme exposure will cause permanent insanity. He catches up to Joker on his barge and quickly dispatches with his first two henchmen but has a slight problem with the third seeing as it is a seven foot tall robot going by the name Captain Clown. Bats is stuffed in a metal bin and is thrown into the river but not before Joker gives him some air holes to breathe from. Batman calls the Batboat as he sinks to the bottom of the river and uses the boats laser to escape before drowning. He catches up with Joker again at a trash compact site where he manages to dump Captain Clown into the compactor and chase down Joker inside the fire pits and sends him back to Arkham.

Score: 8/10




Pretty Poison

We open the episode five years prior with the ground breaking of the new Gotham penitentiary. Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent take part in the ceremony as a mysterious female figure watches from afar after digging up a rose. Skip forward five years and Harvey is dating a beautiful woman, Pamela Isley. They meet Bruce for dinner and after Pam kisses Harvey and leaves, Harvey passes out. He is taken to the hospital where they say he is infected by some toxin and may die. The doctors say that no antidote can be made since the flower used to make the toxin has been extinct for almost five years. Pam comes to visit Harvey at the hospital and as she is leaving she tries to kiss Bruce. Well that gets Bruce’s mind thinking that this lady isn’t exactly right for Harv. After searching her background he believes Pamela somehow poisoned Harvey and finds her at her greenhouse. It’s there that Batman learns that Pam is batshit (pun intended) crazy and goes by the name Poison Ivy. She reveals her love of all things plants and says that Harvey and Bruce Wayne must pay for their crimes against nature. After almost getting eaten by a huge flytrap Batman ransoms Ivy’s last endangered rose for the antidote for Harvey. Come to think of it Harvey had it pretty crappy even before all the Two-Face stuff went down. Who on this show hated him so much?

Score: 8/10


Alright how was that?! Painless I hope. We’re just getting started though. Five down, eighty to go.

WWE 13 Means To Start A Revolution

Here is the first preview for WWE 13 which reveals CM Punk as the cover athlete. WWE 12 was a damn fine wrestling game that reinvigorated the franchise and with the rumored legends roster being comprised of Attitude Era stars I have hope that this years offering will surpass 12. WWE 13 launches on November 1.

Pull List 5/23/12

The Dark Knight #9
Talk about a misleading cover. I finally thought Tim Drake was gonna get his time to shine against the Talons but he is given a panel. The story isn’t bad though with the follow up to March’s murder in Batman #9.
Score: 8/10

All-Star Western #9
Hex, Nighthawk and Cinnamon catch the leaders of the August 7. Hex comes across a female Talon while searching for Moody and we are introduced to Tallulah Black. Not what I would consider a real NOTO issue, more of a reminder they have been in Gotham for a long time.
Score: 8/10

Batman Incorporated #1
The New 52 goes back to the old DCU. Getting a little Marvel on us there aren’t we? Batman and Damian are led into a trap by Goatboy who is trying to pick up a reward put on Damian’s head by his mother. Leviathan has a dinner party where he makes one of his guests eat his brother and there is Bat-Cow. Every sentence should have made it easy to see that Grant Morrison wrote this comic.
Score: 8/10

Aquaman #9
Aquaman and Ya’Wara continue their hunt for Black Manta in the jungle. Mera finally learns the roots of Manta’s hatred for Aquaman and its a doozy. As good as Green Lantern is Geoff Johns has to be given tons of credit for reinvigorating the Aquaman character into one of DC’s best.
Score: 8.5/10

Superman #9
Supes saves a Russian sub with more than a few secrets while a reporter outs Superman’s identity wrongly. New super chick villain Anguish shows up to smack around the last son a bit. Despite the 80’s villain nickname parade this issue was decent enough for another month. Still on shaky ground though.
Score: 7/10

The Shadow #2
Lamont and Miss Lane board a plane to Hong Kong only to be ambushed by Nazis. Then it’s like Air Force One and Indiana Jones had a baby and called it The Shadow #2.
Score: 8.5/10

Next week we get Batman Annual #1 which is Scott Snyder’s introduction of Mr. Freeze so I am predicting it to be great already.

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Batman:TAS Turns 20.

Well this is certainly one that snuck up on me. Premiering in September of 1992, Batman: The Animated Series set the bar for what a comic cartoon should strive to be. From the orchestral, dark, ominous soundtrack (a new concept for a “kids” show) to what I would consider the greatest voice cast ever assembled for an animated program Batman:TAS took the Caped Crusader to heights never before seen.

The show also introduced a new character that would become one of the most popular in all of the DC Universe; Harley Quinn. Many people don’t know that Harley was a creation made purely for the cartoon but her character took off so much that she is now part of Batman canon.

Lets not also forget that the show had what is, without a doubt, the most badass Batmobile ever designed.

So to celebrate this huge anniversary I will be watching all 85 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and reviewing them on here. So keep an eye out and join me in the celebration.

Follow me on Twitter @scottsnerdmind for updates and general stupidity.

Pull List 5/16/12


Nightwing #9
Dick faces off against his great-grandfather, the greatest of all Talons, while we learn how the name Grayson came to be and how Haly’s Circus has been involved with his family for generations. This team has done a great job showing that Dick may be Bruce’s protege but he may end up being the better of them both.
Score: 9/10

Catwoman #9
Catwoman and Spark fight a disgraced Talon who is out to kill Penguin. It is really great how every writer is seamlessly weaving Night of the Owls into their existing stories. And Penguin has quite a great moment as well.
Score: 8/10

Justice League #9
Batman, Supes and Cyborg handle a riot at Arkham as Col. Graves is taken by a new villain and tortures him into giving up all his secrets about the Justice League. Glad to see Jim Lee back with a full issue.
Score: 8.5/10

Saga #3
Alana makes a deal with one of the Horrors to save Marko’s life as Prince Robot interrogates a prisoner to find out where the new family is trying to escape to. Perfectly trippy.
Score: 8.5/10

Winter Soldier #5
Bucky, Black Widow and Doom make their way to Lucia’s bunker to stop her from launching Latveria’s nukes. How many times do you get to see Doom fight gorillas with machine guns? I’m guessing not very often so just enjoy it.
Score: 8/10

AVX #4
Logan finds Hope and gives her a chance to prove that she can harness the power of the Phoenix. As they land on the moon both the Avengers and X-Men show up to complicate things again as the Phoenix arrives. Better than the last few but not great.
Score: 7/10

Next week I will be going through and dropping some titles that have been consistently disappointing. If anyone has any new title to pick up that they believe I would enjoy please let me know.

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Pull List 5/9/10


Batman #9
So not only does Scott Snyder give us a kick ass Batman, which shows Bruce Wayne’s determination like never before, we also get the beginning of a wonderful pre-NOTO story involving Alfred’s father and a dark mystery at Wayne Manor. This has to be one of the strongest runs for the character in his history.
Score: 9.5/10

Batgirl #9
Batgirl has her hands full with a female talon as explosions rock Gotham and Commissioner Gordon is threatened by the Court with Barbara’s life. Another home run for Team Batman. Love the Haly’s Circus connection also.
Score: 9/10

Batman and Robin #9
Damian finally using his sadistic side in a helpful way by going one on one with a Talon after a general with a connection to the Court. It’s good when Damian is fighting and not being a complete douche.
Score: 8/10

Green Lantern #9
Green Lantern comes back in a big way with a great bit of backstory on Sinestro and the creation of the Indigo Lanterns. Some big secrets and you realize that Blackest Night was just a start.
Score: 8.5/10

The Ultimates #10
The aftermath of D.C’s disintegration has War Machine finding the new prez, all of the Ultimates becoming fugitives and Sue finding out her lovey dovey is the one trying to obliterate the world. Awkward.
Score: 8.5/10

X-O Manowar #1
The early 1400’s when the Roman Empire is expanding its territory. A warrior fights against them to keep his land. Sound like a sci-fi story yet? Don’t worry after that there is alien baby changelings, spaceships and the mysterious armor. I hope they don’t crap X-O up. Good first issue.
Score: 8/10

Pick of the week is obviously Batman with the Night of the Owls in full swing. The entire Bat staff has really given this huge crossover the quality that Scott Snyder always has in his Bat stories.

If you missed out on Free Comic Book Day don’t fret!! I’m sure all the local shops still have copies to pick up. Be sure and pick up the Justice League and The Guild freebies. They are quite awesome.

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The Avengers Video Game Bashes All Other Video Games Heads Into A Wall

Mass Effect? Max Payne 3? Skyrim? The Witcher 2?

F all those games!!

Marvel keeps the hits coming with The Avengers video game. Go on and watch, you know you want it.

Pull List 5/2/12


Swamp Thing #9
The end of the first major story arc has Swampy in battle with Sethe to save Abby from becoming the queen of the rot. This comic is as close to perfect as it gets for me. Scott Snyder has made Swamp Thing one of the true must reads in comics. The art is always beautiful and the ending is the perfect setup for the next story. I can’t recommend it any higher.
Score: 10/10

Detective Comics #9
The Court of Owls comes the Arkham Asylum to kill the not-so-good doctor only to have a rude surprise. The inmates are let loose and attack the Talons. We also get our first look at New 52 Black Mask.
Score: 8/10

Action Comics #9
Lois from Earth (insert number here) does her best Sam Beckett and quantum leaps to Earth 23 as a evil robotic version of Superman follows her to do battle with the Superman of that world, who’s secret identity is the President. Morrison is losing me little by little.
Score: 7/10

Earth 2 #1
Now this book was great. We’re dropped on the back end of the Apokolips War as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman make their last stand to save their Earth. The battle is visceral and great to see and (SPOILER) they all bite the dust… the first issue!
Read this comic!
Score: 9/10

Star Trek #8
Kirk, Spock and Bones are taken hostage to Romulus as a Vulcan group of terrorists attempt to strike back at the Romulan Empire. I’m glad to see the characters progressing and not just in a holding pattern between the movies.
Score: 8/10

AVX #3
The X-Men slip through The Avengers fingers and both are in a race to find Hope. Wolverine and Cap have a discussion with fists and it’s Cap (believe it or not) that plays dirty and tosses Logan out of a jet. Not as hokey or bad as the first two issues but still not the “event” Marvel wants it to be….yet.
Score: 7/10

Fury: My War Gone By #1
Nick Fury remembers some war stories that have made him the man he is. First we begin in Indochina as he tries to help the French keep a hold of the island from the “savages”. It’s Garth Ennis so there’s plenty of ballsacks and fu**s to go around.
Score: 7/10

Epic Kill #1
Song is 18 and in mental institution by her own free will. She leaves, asses are kicked, throats are slit and bullets are dodged. Lots of bullets. Good first issue of this chick assassin.
Score: 8/10

Mind the Gap #1
A super size 46 pages starts off this mystery story of Elle who is rushed to the hospital and while the doctors believe she fell in a subway platform her friends believe someone attacked her all while we see Elle being led around in her subconscious by a mystery man. Trippy stuff and a very good read.
Score: 8.5/10

A lot of good titles this week with Swamp Thing being the obvious best with what I consider a perfect issue and great end to the first story of Scott Snyder’s tale.

Also don’t forget that Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday as well as The Avengers opening this weekend. Great week to be a comic fan!! Go out and enjoy!!