Nintendo Unveils New, Bigger 3DS. I Want A Rebate

Tonight Nintendo took the wraps off of what has been rumored for about a month now, a bigger 3DS. Now I know this is what Nintendo does but I just bought my damn 3DS 3 months ago. Come on guys. Let’s get a rebate program going for the folks who recently bought an “old” 3DS and you just butt raped.

Ok, anger aside this thing is a beast. The top screen is 4.88 inches. That’s 90% bigger than the previous model. The bottom touchscreen also is getting a 90% bump to 4.18 inches. I am sure this will convey the 3D in a way better manner than the smaller screen does now. Also the 3DS headache will now become the 3DS migraine.

The official name is the Nintendo 3DS XL and will release on August 19 and retail for 199.99 and despite all my bit**ing I will probably still buy one.

Life of a nerd.


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  1. Yeah I bought a 3DS at launch and so far it’s been let down after let down.

  2. You know, there’s not much of an upgrade in the 3DS XL. Despite you getting a large screen, the graphical resolution is not scaled up, leading to some games to look a bit more blurry than usual. The battery life problem could be sorted out with the Nyko extended battery(Nyko is making a new battery with a control pad pro built in).

    Seriously, this is not forcing that many people to get this version. This is not a revision, like from the original DS to DS Lite. A smart choice is saving your money, unless you’re a collector or would like a bigger screen.

    • I agree it’s not a massive change that requires updating but I do feel I need the bigger screen. Plus ,like I said, I know this is what Nintendo does and I will still update despite the minor complaining 🙂

      I am still wondering why no second analog stick was added even though it is not a necessity right now but the Circle Pad Pro adds so much to games like Metal Gear.

  3. I’ve got the awesome Zelda edition of the 3DS so I won’t be selling it…But damn, I really do want this because my hands cramp like hell playing the regular 3DS.

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