The Man With The Iron Fists Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

Neither is Wu Tang, but we already know that.

I am going to go ahead and say that most people that see this preview will laugh and instantly hate it. Those people are not fans of “kung-fu” movies.

While Chinese Connection, Game of Death or Drunken Master may not be cinematic masterpieces they were a huge part of my childhood and made the martial arts movies one of my go to’s when I was a kid.  And true to those films this preview is such an assault on the senses and I mean the in the best possible way.

Say what you want about RZA, he has never shied away from the fact that he has an absolute love of the martial arts society and movies. Now he has written a screenplay with Eli Roth and with the help of Quentin Tarantino, who knows a thing or two about making funky, awesome movies, is about to unleash his dream movie upon us.

Even if the preview doesn’t impress you, you have to be impressed with the cast that they assembled here. Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune and even Mr. “I Walk Alone” Batista.

The Man With The Iron Fists opens up later this year.


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