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Let’s Just Go Ahead And Be Honest About Avatar

Avatar is the biggest movie of all time. It will remain that for a very long time. Even The Avengers, with all the records and bank loads of money, couldn’t touch Avatar’s total gross.

But let’s be honest, Avatar has a lot of problems. Yes the 3D was truly awesome when you saw it in theaters but if you have ever watched it more than once the holes begin to show.

The guys at Screen Junkies, who did the insanely funny Transformers Honest Trailer have fulfilled many fans request and given us one for the biggest movie ever. Enjoy!


The Dark Knight Rises Gets A Final (Final) Trailer

Thought the final trailer that played before The Avengers was all we were going to get? You should know better than that.

Warner and Nokia have teamed up to release this final….really final….seriously this is the director’s cut of trailers, final trailer.

After watching this three or so times (don’t judge me) I really like this trailer maybe more so than any of the previous ones. We know the basic setup of the movie by now so this trailer assumes that and goes balls to the wall with action which is nice seing as how this is a Batman flick.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20.

A Movie Renly Can Get Behind (Get It?)

See Nicholas Sparks, just add some incest, man on man action and a dwarf and you too can have your next “hit”.

Seeing this has opened up so many more possibilities for Game of Thrones trailers. Tyrion and Bronn in a buddy cop actioneer or Cersei, Margaery Tyrell and company in a sexually charged religious thriller. Let’s get this going now!!!

Take Fredo Fishing, Hasbro Style


Yes really.

I applaud you Hasbro for actually making me want to play Monopoly again because here is The Godfather Edition of the classic board game in celebration of the movie’s 40th anniversary. Now you too can land on the Senate hearings space or pass “GO” and collect 200 dollars and a gun wrapped in a towel. In all honesty it will be fun to play a game of Monopoly while watching the opera house scene from Godfather 3 since they both last about the same amount of time.

The best part about this set has to be the tokens that you play with. You can choose between the Don’s limo, a dead fish, Genco Olive Oil Tin, a cannoli, tommy gun and a horse’s head. I would also like to request Michael’s pimp hand when he was smacking Kay after she told him about the abortion.

39.99 gets you all the memories.

Here is a handy unboxing video to show you just how good this set looks.


Pull List 6/13/12

Batman #10

Scott Snyder’s penultimate issue to the Owls storyline is here and what he has done is craft such a compelling issue that it seriously will join my list of favorite single issues ever. The way he has gone and taken a character referenced as far back as the 70’s and brought them into permanent Batman mythos truly is remarkable. Who is behind the Owls attack? I promise you you will not be disappointed in any way.

On a side note I am a fan of Greg Capullo’s art but he has outdone himself with this issue. Every rotting column, every facial expression just bleeds out on the paper and makes an already great story extraordinary.

Catch up with this series and read this issue!!

Score: 10/10

Batman and Robin #10

Geriatric looking Terminus has rounded up past nobodies who were maimed or severely injured by Batman to complete his plan to kill the Dark Knight. Damian continues his douchery  by saying he will take on all three previous Robins to prove he is the best of them all and he starts with Tim Drake.

Score: 8/10

Batgirl #10

New story kicks in this month with Barbara examining exactly why she has donned a cape and cowl and if it is for the right reasons. Fights in a parking deck with car thieves, bear traps, amputations and a new group called the Disgraced fill out the issue complete with spandexed chick who looks like Chyna on a good day. And she doesn’t have many…or any.


Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1

We will call this the teeny bopper side of Before Watchmen but let’s not get scared off because of that. It is a good look at Laurie’s friends and family life while she is in high school so you’re going to get some high school girl problems. I am interested to see how her and her mother’s relationship will deteriorate as the title moves on. Not near as good as last week’s Minutemen but it is a decent read.

Score: 7/10

Green Lantern #10

The conclusion to the Indigo Tribe story has Hal and Sinestro trying to get the indigo lantern back online so the crazies will revert back to the loving Indigo Lanterns that say “Nok”  a lot. Also let’s not forget that the Guardians are still planning on destroying the entire Corps and dammit if you can never get rid of those pesky Black Lantern rings.

Score: 8.5/10

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #1

Two Scott Snyder’s titles in one week? Can’t beat that with a stick. Although I don’t know why you would want to. Anyway London has a missile attack as Agent Hobbes has a pleasant back and forth with a vamp over tea. A group has also broken into a Vassal stronghold and stolen a very powerful artifact and by artifact I mean the original Carpathian that could unite all others. He’s kind of a big deal. So Hobbes hunts down Book and asks for her help before everything goes to hell. But it’s AV so it probably will anyway.

Score: 9/10

Looks like it was an all DC week this week. Next week should be a little more varied with Walking Dead #99, new Winter Soldier and we will see if AVX can climb it’s way out of the soulless hole it is in.

Read comics!!!

The Walking Dead Car. More For Emma Stone, Not Woody Harrelson

This may be one of the oddest videos you ever watch.

Hyundai is collaborating with Robert Kirkman for a special edition 2013 Elantra that will be designed by Kirkman and unveiled at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con. Whether this is a simple concept car to be shown at the show or something actually practical and sellable remains to be seen.

Gotta admit though it is nice to see companies getting on board to do different ideas like this.

I can’t say I would pick an Elantra when the end comes though.

He Never Broke The Law, McCoy Is The Law


How do you start a good Monday you may ask? THIS is how you start a good Monday.

This is the first poster for the upcoming Dredd starring Karl Urban. My excitement knows no bounds right now. If you know me then you know that the Sylvester Stallone version is one of my massive guilty pleasure movies. If you hate it then join the club, I will keep watching it for the popcorn flick it is.

Karl Urban certainly has looked the part in all the shots I’ve seen and he has constantly affirmed that Judge Dredd does not remove his helmet in the movie as they try to keep to the classic character as possible.

Dredd releases this September.

Final Fantasy Tech Demo.

Or as I will now be calling it: Final Fantasy: Dogs of Calcutta (Not Final Fantasy 7 Edition)

The demo is beautiful no one can deny that but Square can harness all the technical power in the world and it won’t matter if you don’t make a Final Fantasy that people want.

Zombi U Video Gives Me Reason To Watch Aisha Tyler


Sorry I had to.

Well here it is. The one sole game that actually looked appealing to me for the Wii U. I’m posting up the opening cinematic from Ubisoft’s event because I believe Aisha Tyler should be seen as much as humanly possible.

Need For Speed: Burnout Edition

Need For Speed keeps chugging along year after year. I myself haven’t cared for a NFS game since the first Most Wanted on the original Playstation but it looks like that may change.

EA did the smartest thing possible for the franchise and put it in the more than capable hands of Criterion, the creators of Burnout. Burnout 3 is my favorite car game ever made so this video actually has me excited about a racing for the first time in years.

The gameplay from EA’s show the other day looks like a good mix of what people have come to expect from NFS and the crash physics of Burnout. Consider me sold.