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Everytime Peter Jackson Thinks He’s Done With The Shire, They Keep Pulling Him Back In


For all the talking Peter Jackson did four or five years ago about not wanting to direct The Hobbit because it takes too many years of his life to complete, he sure does have trouble leaving The Shire.

Jackson confirmed today what he had teased at Comic Con that The Hobbit would now become a trilogy of movies. He had debated whether to save the extra footage for an extended home release like he did with The Lord of the Rings trilogy but ultimately decided to do a few extra months of shooting and turn in a third movie to Warner Bros. Personally I hope this doesn’t end up hurting the quality of the films but it looks like he will be using some of Tolkien’s appendices written after The Hobbit novel had been released to fill in some story and time.

I will just trust Jackson’s judgment on this. He’s earned it with his Rings trilogy. Although I think people are still in for a shock when they see it in 48 frames per second.

Super Heroes Get Reality’d

Fan of The Guild? If you haven’t watched then seriously go find the episodes on XBox Live or YouTube and get caught up!! You’re only five seasons behind. One of the best things on the show besides getting to look and listen to Felicia Day for hours is Zaboo played by Sandeep Parikh who also created the criminally funny Zelda parody show The Legend of Neil. He is back with his new web show called Save The Supers which has the world’s greatest team being followed by reality cameras as they face financial hardship.

I have posted the first two episodes (of 7) to catch you up. Just do yourself a favor and take seven minutes to watch the first episode and then laugh repeatedly then move on to the second. You’re welcome!

F*** you crime.

Man Of Steel Gets Teased

If you have seen The Dark Knight Rises in the past two days you probably got the first teaser for next summer’s Man of Steel. Now I liked the teaser most likely because I am a huge Superman fanboy and I am glad they didn’t show a lot of footage yet. We have a year to go so why blow your load now?

While I saw it in theaters, I was happy to have Kevin Costner doing the voiceover as Pa Kent but today learned that there are two versions of the trailer floating out there and it contains Russell Crowe as Jor-El giving a different speech to Clark. Both are great and I can already see the influence of the Superman: Birthright story in the preview.

Man of Steel opens next summer.

The Dark Knight Begins To Rise

Here is a handy trailer to get eveyone good and goosebumpy for The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!! It is one big super trailer for Christopher Nolan’s entire Bat trilogy and if this does not get your blood pumping for the epic conclusion then you may not be friends with me.

I don’t know who put this trailer together but it is some great quality so kudos to you, Mr. Makes Awesome Trailers. Hire this guy Warner!!

Pull List 7/18/12


Justice League #11

Graves continues his plan by going after Trevor’s sister. Wonder Woman decides to go find Trevor herself but the League doesn’t think that’s such a hot idea so Diana decides to whip Green Lantern’s ass before she finally calms down to see reason. Women. Can’t live with em, can’t tell an Amazonian princess what to do. The team finds their way to the Valley of Souls as they get ever closer to tracking down Graves.

Score: 8/10


Nightwing #11

The end of the Nightwing murder mystery seems to be heading towards it’s conclusion. Detective Nie reveals his reason for going after Nightwing so adamantly and like most times it’s for love. Like Earth 2 Alan Scott love. What? No news stories on a gay Gotham detective? You’re slipping DC. Paragon pays a visit to Nie and we should get the big reveal next  month.

Score: 8/10


Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2

Laurie has moved away and is living with her newly found boyfriend and a bunch of hippies and smoking, banging and moonlighting as Silk Spectre. A new drug hits the streets that makes kids want to forget about all their care free hippie needs and make them embrace consumerism. Yep, that’s the issue. It was a little painful.

Score: 6/10


Saga #5

Marko and Alana run into some trouble as they try to make their way to the Rocketship Forest. The Will is still feeling noble and tries to take the slave girl with him off Sextillion and Stalk is catching up to Marko and Alana only to cross paths with Prince Robot. It doesn’t end well for someone. Every month it’s one wild, trippy ride.

Score: 8.5/10


Star Trek #11

This is a great issue because we get to see the crew of the Enterprise come in contact with everyone’s favorite furry multipliers, Tribbles. The Enterprise detects a rogue Klingon ship leaving Federation space and trace the ship’s journey back to what ends up being the Tribbles homeworld. The fun comes in when Scotty fails to tell the captain that he has already known about Tribbles and transported one to Earth for a family member. I feel trouble with Tribbles coming. Yes that was cheesy but I don’t care.

Who doesn’t love Tribbles? You don’t? Well f*** you.


X-O Manowar #3

Aric, fresh with a shiny new set of Manowar armor, leads a revolt against The Vine slavers. Most die in the struggle and Aric goes all balls crazy with the suit killing aliens left and right. He is transported back to Rome by the armor and he longs to find his wife and people. One small problem, it happens to be Rome in 2012. Dude just got Shyamalan’d. Village style.

Score: 8/10


Pretty good week this week. Saga was the favorite followed by Nightwing then Justice League. Silk Spectre actually took a step back which is weird considering it actually had some action in it. I hope the drug plot is not going to be the entirety of the main story but I am afraid it will be with only two issues left in the mini series.


Read comics!!!!



Duke Nukem Tell Fifty Shades To Shake It Baby

I don’t get the Fifty Shades of Gray phenom. And that’s cool. Everyone likes what they want to like but let’s just not fool ourselves into thinking that it is any different than men looking at porn. Justify it all you want women, it’s the truth. But what would make an admitted wonderer of why this book series is so popular post a video about it you may ask? How about if Jon St. Jon, the voice of Duke Nukem, read an excerpt from the S&M piece??


Oh yes it is so completely true and while I still will never read these “novels” I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t listen to Duke voiceover the entire piece of crap and consider the world a better place for it.

Quick Poster Triple Play

First up is a new poster for the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead featuring Michonne and her trademark katana blade. One can only assume she is keeping her other torture tools saved for a later date. At least I hope so. Come on AMC don’t pussy out when it comes time to get disturbing.

The Walking Dead returns on October 14.

MGM is keeping up the very, very early hype for next year’s reboot of Robocop going with an early poster just to remind us folks that we all work for Dick Jones……DICK JONES!!! The future of law enforcement returns on August 9, 2013.

Hard to believe it has already been six years since Silent Hill released and actually wasn’t a sucky movie. Well we finally get a sequel…or not…no one really knows and really who needs to knows because it’s Silent Hill so just throw out some of the freakiest sh** you’ve ever seen and Pyramid Head skinning folks and you have a winner. The poster does have that Silent Hill feel and by that I mean WTF is going on?? Sean Bean returns for the new installment yet is not playing the same character as the first movie. Confused yet? I told you it was Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Revelations opens October 26.

Random Gears Of War News.

It’s a little bit of a slow news day. Geek wise anyway so I’m gonna play a little catch up.

– That there bit of awesome above is the cover to Gears of War: Judgment and I could not be happier. No particular reason. Just the fact that there is more Gears goodness to come makes my cold heart grow like the Grinch.

– Epic has announced that Gears of War: Judgment will release on March 19, 2013 joining an already insanely crowded month of games.

– Cliffy B. has said that he would not mind making a game based on Joss Whedon’s gone too soon TV show Firelfly. He has even talked to Whedon this year (just for fun one would assume) and even gone on record talking about how he would go about bringing the crew of the Serenity to the world of video games. Excuse me while I go and get this pleat out of the front of my pants.


Falcon to Take Flight With Captain America


Anthony Mackie, from the amazing Hurt Locker and more recently Abe Lincoln: Twilight Hunter, will be suiting up as part of Marvel’s Phase 2. He has been cast to play The Falcon in the upcoming Cap sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This is no doubt huge news for Mackie who was one of the best parts of The Hurt Locker and now it appears he will be upping his star power now that he is offically part of the Marvel movie universe. I would have to assume that this appearance will most likely segue into The Avengers 2 since Falcon became an Avenger in one universe and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Ultimate universe.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens up April 4, 2014. If you don’t believe me here’s the title from Comic Con below.


If There Is A Fourth Wall In Games, Deadpool Will Break It

Another little surprise out of last week’s Comic Con was that High Moon Studios, makers of the excellent Transformers: War for Cybertron and the soon to be excellent Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, are in development of a game starring everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth Deadpool.

It sure does look like the makers have the character down with Deadpool’s trademark humor all over this video. Add in that he is being voiced by Nolan ‘he only does everything’ North and you already have one of my most wanted games of 2013.

Take a peek and always remember that Deadpool loves boobies and that I actually owned that Marvel swimsuit issue on his coffee table. Don’t judge me. I was 12.