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New Hobbit Poster Looks Like My Family Reunion.



Bilbo got a poster a few days ago and now it’s the dwarves turn for a piece of the spotlight. Now that the summer movie season is over it looks like The Hobbit marketing machine is getting geared up for a big fall filled with posters, action figures, greeting cards, towels, books, hats, t-shirts, cups, soda bottles, bumper stickers and more. Hell, they may even make a Bilbo dildo. Who really knows these days?

Come to think of it, that last item basically sells itself. Just consider that copyrighted by me. It’s mine to sell, not yours.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes to theaters on December 14th.

You Know The Dark Knight Returned Right?

Yesterday saw the release of a slew of good titles to pick up. The Avengers, the Bond 50th anniversary set and the first part of DC’s animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic story The Dark Knight Returns. All of them will be getting reviews (Bond may be awhile, that set is HUGE) but one is up and ready to go now.

But where is it? I hear you saying with bated breath.

Just like with my Dredd review the other day (which you can find here) you will find the review for The Dark Knight Returns over on our new site

While you’re there take a look around and tell us what you think. And keep coming back daily for all the video game, pop culture and tech news you can take. Thanks for reading as always and thanks in advance for checking out our new venture!!

Bad Lip Reading Plays The Hunger Games


A few weeks back I posted the guys at Bad Lip Reading doing a hilarious set for Twilight. Now if you were like me, you did not think there was any way to up the ante and get much funnier. Well I humbly submit for your viewing pleasure their newest offering, The Hunger Games.

Scooby Doo.

Where Is The Dredd Review At?

If you read this blog normally then you may (or may not) be wondering where my review of Dredd is. Well if you want to read my thoughts (hint-awesome) on Karl Urban’s take on the man of the law head on over to a new site we have up and running

Go and give us a visit and tell us what you think. We will give previews, reviews and skewed views on movies, gaming, tech items, geek gifts, anything your nerd heart could desire.

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I Pledge Allegiance To The United States Of Cap.


The Ultimates is one of my favorite comics every month. Since issue one it has gone balls to the wall to completely tear down Marvel’s Ultimate universe. Reed Richards returns to Earth as the ultimate bad guy who forces America into surrendering to him by completely wiping out Washington. Then after his defeat, America has broken down into regions controlled by different groups with Texas leading the way in craziness (nothing unusual there).

Now in the wake of the “Divided We Fall” storyline come “United We Stand” which will see Steve Rogers assume the duties of the President of the United States of America.

That’s right. Cap is the Prez.

Like I said I love this comic and maybe this is the ten year old in me speaking but Captain America as the PUSA is completely f***ing awesome! I mean look deep down into your nerd heart, before life made you so cynical you can’t enjoy anything anymore. You know this to be true. You want Cap as president. You need Cap as president.


Everyone’s Psychotic Dream Girl Is 20!

In all the hooplah of Batman: The Animated Series’ anniversary and the Wii U announcement this week (catch all the coverage on I almost forgot that Harley Quinn was celebrating a birthday.

A lot of people forget that Harley was not a comic book creation but an addition to the Batman mythos in The Animated Series created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. And I believe if you ask those two they would never have expected the character to take off and be such an integral and popular piece to The Dark Knight’s canon.

She first appeared in the episode “The Joker’s Favor” and would appear in a total of 15 episodes over the series total run of 85. She still remains a big part of the DC Comics universe as a member of the current Suicide Squad and has appearances in both Rocksteady Batman games and Lego Batman 1&2.

Happy Birthday Harley. I would be your puddin’ anytime.

Sorry Mr. J.

New The Walking Dead Trailer Is Here. I Peed A Little.

Too awesome to talk properly. Must watch again.
October 14.

Well We All Knew Someone Was Going To Die In AVX.

So if you are really engrossed in this year’s AVX series then you are going to hate me for the spoiler but you should really be mad at Marvel for having this series be as useless as it is cause they apparently can’t even pick an original character to die properly. So here we are….the biiiiig death.

Yep. Professor X is biting the bullet. Now if you are having the reaction of “Wait. Hasn’t he died literally like 14 times?”, then you are having the exact reaction you should. Because of all the characters in this massive clusterf*** of an “event” to die why on God’s green Earth would you pick a guy that has died only a few less times than Jean Grey? I gave up on the series months ago and can say now truly that I am glad I did.

R.I.P. Charles Xavier…..

…..until next year sometime when you inevitably come back somehow.

Could Viggo Mortensen Be Lined Up As Dr. Strange???



A big rumor going around today is that Viggo Mortensen is in talks to play Dr. Strange and that his first appearance would come in the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World. Now Marvel has been pretty spot on with their casting during their whole Phase One but this would take all of that and obliterate it in an amazing ball of Aragorn/ Eastern Promises/ not so much Hidalgo awesomeness!!!

Make this happen Marvel. Give the good doctor the love he deserves.

This is the love to which I am speaking.

Batman: The Animated Series Turns 20 This Week.

20 years ago this week saw the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series, my personal favorite version of The Dark Knight. The series was the first to have full orchestral soundtrack in a cartoon and had one of the finest voice casts ever assembled for a program. Most out of all of them was Mark Hamill’s revolutionary performance as The Joker.

Running from 1992-1995 for 85 episodes, Batman: The Animated Series anchored Fox Kids weekday after school lineup (along with other 20 year birthday celebrator Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). I, being a young lad of 12 before life took hold and drowned hopes and dreams, would hurry home from school to catch every episode of the series. Repeats be damned!! I could not venture how many times I have seen every episode.

There were so many classics like: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy, The Laughing Fish, Robin’s Reckoning, Almost Got Im, The Demon’s Quest and those are just as I am typing right now. I always loved Batman as a child but when TAS started it confirmed in my head and heart that Batman was and always will be the greatest superhero ever.

Check out my review of the first five episodes of The Animated Series here

Also if you don’t own any of these seasons of this classic and want to catch up they are available on Amazon