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Happy Halloween From Kristen Stewart

The wonderful thing about this video is not just the spot on impression but the fact that I really, truly, honestly believe that if the real Kristen Stewart made a YouTube video it would be so damn close to this.

It still amazes me that I liked Snow White and the Huntsman when I watch this.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

Disney Buys Lucasfilm- The Aftermath

Ok now that the initial tsunami of WTF’s has passed over us from yesterday’s staggering news that Disney now owns Lucasfilm I believe my brain can actually process some thoughts about this geek world shattering news.

1. It is amazing to think that Disney has gotten even more powerful. One thought with their ownership of Marvel and Pixar that they were almost unstoppable but this deal makes the Marvel deal look like they bought a used car for shits and giggles.

2. It finally looks like all of us will finally get our Star Wars themed amusement park. You go to the Magic Kingdom all you want to, I will be at the Mos Eisley cantina.

3. Episode 7 will not be based on any previous Star Wars novels or shows. There goes my Thrawn trilogy hopes but it’s not all bad. I am not going to complain about new Star Wars stories on the big screen.

4. George Lucas has already helped on a story treatment for the next trilogy but will not direct or write any of them. This is a good thing. Why is Empire the best of the Star War movies? A big reason was Irvin Kershner’s direction. Star Wars should be handled like James Bond, stay true to the story and see what kind of vision a new director can bring to the screen.

5. Don’t’ worry gamers (like me), Star Wars 1313 is still in development and going to be released.

6.The Goofy and Princess Leia fan fiction porn basically writes itself now.

Disney Really Just Bought Lucasfilm. Really. No Seriously.

At first the tweets seemed like a Twitter troll holiday. I thought it was like the thousand fake Twitter “deaths”. But then it became reality.

George Lucas just sold every bit of Lucasfilm to Disney. Disney who already owns Pixar AND Marvel. But that is not even the real news of the day.

Inside the press release was a little nugget that said that Star Wars: Episode 7 would be made and they want it for summer 2015. I’ll let you read that previous sentence again for full clarity.

Star Wars.

Not a prequel.

A continuation.

Please God, let it be the Thrawn trilogy.

Holy sh**.

My mind is a roadmap of endless nerd possibilities and all I can seem to type is holy sh**.

Matthew Vaughn NOT Directing X-Men: First Class Sequel


Well sh**.

Director Matthew Vaughn has decided not to direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class. This comes as some shi**y news for people like me who really wanted to see what he could do with the script of the movie which is reportedly based on Chris Claremont’s classic story Days of Future’s Past. The flick already has a summer 2014 release and all the cast coming back (including Michael Fassbender FTW) so now the race is on for a new director. Good luck finding someone like Vaughn for the project.

Oh wait.

Seems that 20th Century Fox is banging on Bryan Singer’s door to come in and replace Vaughn.

I feel a little bit better now.


Almost Everything We Thought About ‘The Wolverine’ Is Wrong

Ok internet, you are normally right on with certain things. How could you let this happen??? How can a movie be this far along and we have not learned all of its secrets yet? How are we as viewers and (sometimes) trolls to keep the integrity of the dirtsheets up if something like this passes everyone by?!

For shame.

So you know the whole new Wolverine flick that has been filming for the past few months? The one where the shots of Hugh Jackman would make any of the warriors from 300 cringe at the diamond cutting ability of his abs? The sequel to the horrid X-Men Origins: Wolverine…..wait nope. Wrong. Completely false.

Say whuuuuut?!

Yep. Director James Mangold told Empire Magazine that The Wolverine picks up after Brett Ratner’s sh** storm X-Men 3. Which now brings up the bigger question. Are Patrick Stewart and Famke Janssen’s supposed return to the X franchise via cameos in either The Wolverine or X-Men: First Class 2 the first steps in 20th Century Fox getting the X family back together for a new movie since the studio is wanting to have all of their movie characters (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man) in one combined universe like Disney has with The Avengers?

I just hope The Wolverine is a good movie. One where Silver Samurai is not some put together Frankenstein with blades in his arms and optic beams. Lookin’ at you Ryan Reynolds.

Holy S*** Can You Believe The Evil Dead Trailer Is Freaking Good?!

Look you will not find a bigger Evil Dead fanboy than me so you can take this next statement seriously.


All Evil Dead fans have been approaching this remake with well founded trepidation that this thing could easily suck balls. Bruce Campbell did endorse this movie at Comic Con so there was a little ray of hope that maybe this thing would not be a complete bastardization of the franchise but I was not expecting to actually be given chills when I watched this trailer. I mean so far its all there: excessive gore, cutting off of an arm and tree rape…..tree rape. Sorry I just never thought I would get to type tree rape so much in an article.

Evil Dead opens on April 12, 2013…..and I will be there.

So How About That Hobbit Runtime?



Peter Jackson has given the runtime for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in an interview with Empire Magazine. Check out just how long the return trip to Middle-Earth will be here on

The Iron Man 3 Trailer is Quite Depressing And Awesome.

So thoughts on the just released trailer for Shane Black’s Iron Man 3:

– I already love Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. The one thing the Iron Man films have been lacking is the one, true big bad and that looks like it has changed.
– Iron Patriot FTW!!
– The look of the movie is darker which is a welcome sight (and no its not because everything should be like The Dark Knight, please everyone stop with the comparisons already).
– How badass does the Stark house blowing up look???
– This trailer is already better than Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 3 is out on May 3, 2013.

First Look At The Mandarin From Iron Man 3


If you couldn’t tell from the massive watermark on the picture, Entertainment Weekly has given us a first look at Ben Kingsley’s evil turn as Iron Man’s main baddie The Mandarin. With the first trailer set to release tomorrow there have been a steady stream of pictures from the movie including a good shot of Iron Patriot.

So what say you? How does Kingsley come across as Tony Stark’s nemesis? Yes he is not Asian but Kevin Feige has said that The Mandarin does not have to be Asian for the way they are telling his character in Iron Man 3.

Check back tomorrow for the trailer.


I Take You To Be My Lawfully Wedded….You Wanna Write Some Stargate Fan Fiction?

What better way to show off your love for your partner for life or to sci-fi MacGuyver than with this very real Stargate wedding band. Also can be bought to show one’s affections for Kurt Russell and his greatest movie role ever, Captain Ron.

There is also a box that can be bought for this. And before you begin to question yourself, yes this article is really happening right now.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek