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Total Recall (2012) Review




What is real?

What is Recall?

Does the three breasted chick show her jugs? (Yes, she does)

Is this movie any good?

Be sure and check out my review for Total Recall over on

I mean Beckinsale and Biel are in it so it has to be a 4/10 right off the bat just for those four, I mean two reasons. Only place to go is up.

Check This Out: Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron




I would like to share with you what has taken up my entire morning and will most likely take up my entire holiday vacation. The Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron The basic idea of this very simple but insanely fun program is you pick your writer, director and star of the next Star Wars movie then pick a title and how much action, romance, etc. then the program gives you a grade and written blurb about the movie and how much your Star Wars flick would make.

For example here is my first flick I did:
Writer- Kevin Smith
Director- JJ Abrams
Star- Nathan Fillion
Grade- B-
Gross- 330 million domestic

Shit this is seriously fun. Try not to lose tons of time with this. Be sure and post your hits and flops in the comments. Let’s compare!

Fifty Shades Of Takei

I have tried to think of something witty to say to accompany this video but my mind has officially shut down because the whole “celebrities read Fifty Shades of Grey” has reached its inevitable end….and it is glorious. Oh myyy indeed.

If Your Child Has Bieber Fever Then This Band Should Be Their New Role Models

So I may be late to this party but I just discovered The Children Medieval Band today. If you are unaware of them they are a Romanian trio of siblings living in the U.S. who have a huge love of the metal band Rammstein. They even got to open for the band at a concert in Colorado! The video above is just one of many they have put online covering the metal bands songs. We can turn our lost, musically challenged young people around. Meet our new role models.

Click here to see the band preform in Colorado before Rammstein.

Finally Something My Mother And I Can Agree On


Artist Mark Dos Santos has done the world (and my family) a great service. He has combined my love of Batman with my mother’s love of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post paintings. Thank you Mr. Dos Santos, you have brought another family together by joining the love of 1950’s Americana (when smoking was healthy) and my bloodthirst for vigilante justice.

Click the images to enlargify.






England’s Biggest Alternative Faith Is Jedi. Proves That They Are Much Cooler Than America.


Let’s file this under “Choosy Brits Choose Jedi”.

A census of England and Wales has shown that besides the main de facto religions (Christianity, Buddhism, etc.) the largest group of people to have a religion of choice is the Jedi. That breaks down to 0.31% of the population that choose to do or do not because there is no try.

The only number that is up in the air is with atheists because they were too busy not caring to say yes or no to a question.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review




Hello fellow Middle-Earth-ers? Middle-Earth-ians? Dammit….hey Hobbit fans my review for our first of three return trips to Middle-Earth is now up for your viewing pleasure. Give it a read and let me know what you though about the movie and if the changes made were welcome ones or did it seem like filler material?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

Check Out My Halo 4 Review




Hey guys! Just letting any of you video game fans know (and remind you) that all of my reviews can be found on Go over and give it a read if you are a Halo fan. How well does it compare to previous entries? (Hint: very well)

Hey, It’s The New Man Of Steel Trailer. Let’s Have A Look.

Excuse me for a moment………gotta wait for this to go away……

Look, Zack Snyder gets a lot of shit and a lot of it is not deserved. I love how everyone absolutely loves 300 but says that Snyder is a shitty director. Let’s face it, he has only tripped up once in his directorial career. The Dawn of the Dead remake was good, 300 was great and Watchmen proved that the “unfilmable” graphic novel could be made into a great movie. So I can forgive him for Sucker Punch (which I never thought was as bad as people said). But I digress.

Man of Steel trailer. Now haters are always going to try to nitpick every single thing but I’ll be damned if this trailer isn’t beautiful and get a whole lot accomplished in two and a half minutes.

First off, Henry Cavill (in costume) is fu**ing Superman. I have always liked the new costume because of the New 52 look to it. At the halfway point in the trailer when he leaves the fortress and flies up (who did this music BTW, amazing) into the sky it was over. This movie should be on every nerd’s must watch list.

Second, we only get a quick glimpse of Michael Shannon’s Zod but he certainly has the right look and it appears that Supes will be fighting an interstellar force by the end of the preview. I am seeing a whole lot of Mark Waid’s Birthright story here and that is a great thing.

The entire first part of the preview is Ma and Pa (mostly Ma) giving Clark advice. We don’t see a whole lot of Amy Adam’s Lois but there is plenty of time left before the June release date to show her off more. This trailer needed to hit all the right notes especially being shown in front of The Hobbit this weekend because a very large audience is going to be watching.

Bring your doubts, your Zack Snyder hate. I will be waiting on June 14 when this movie turns out to be the Superman movie this generation has been waiting on.

The Star Trek Into Darkness Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper


OK here we go again.

Star Trek Into Darkness is getting to near Star War rumor levels since the newest trailer hit a few days ago. Now comes this little tidbit.

Alice Eve’s character in the sequel has now been revealed and it may have a little spoiler to it. She will be playing Carol Marcus who any Trek fan should realize happens to be the character from Star Trek II that created the Genesis Device and also happened to birth Kirk’s son, David.

Let the Khan speculation begin again!!

Of course there is no guarantee this means Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan because it was revealed yesterday from certain sites that his character name is John Harrison. Me thinks that is still a decoy name and our best bets are Gary Mitchell or Khan. For some reason I am still leaning towards Mitchell. Just because Alice Eve is playing Kirk’s future baby momma does not mean that Khan is not being saved for a later feature and this is just way to introduce the Carol Marcus character into the new Star Trek universe.

Let’s not forget also that this is the Abrams “alternate” Star Trek universe, so who is to say that Kirk and Marcus will end up knocking boots and spawning a future Klingon murder victim?