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The Only Ice Bucket Challenge Video I Will Post Because It Is Perfect

Not because it is my favorite band ever, Foo Fighters, but because it spoofs the classic scene from Carrie. Now that Dave Grohl has won, can we stop?

The Birth Of Shit Pickle

To know me is to deal with a cornucopia of curse words. Most are just flung together in anger at anything from Michael Bay having anything to do with Ninja Turtles to racing in Mario Kart (which makes the cursing in The Wolf of Wall Street look like a Pixar movie).

One word I use frequently is shit pickle. Now this would seem to be two words that have nothing to do with each other thrown together for effect. Not true. I learned of this word from the video above many years ago. I share it with you in hopes the word spreads like the Ebola they are letting into our country.

Thanks to The Angry Video Game Nerd for the vocabulary.

Guess Who’s Back?

10444558_10204215575380666_4541245609895260435_nThat gentleman above you, that’s who. If this photo frightens you, it is because lucha libre’s are a terrifying bunch. Also, they are not normally bearded fat men. Let’s have some fun!

It’s Like I Am Only Here To Post Darth Vader Videos

When you find something good you might as well keep going till folks hate you.

Don’t worry, I am sure this is almost the end of the Darth Vader dubbed over voice video craze. Then again, if I keep finding ones like this Schwarzenegger voiced Vader one, this blog may become a one trick pony. That is assuming I even have a trick to begin with.

Darth Vader Say What?



Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best. After watching this video let’s see if you were like me and laughed a little bit more than you thought you would when the video began. Darth Vader is a bit hard of hearing and that’s it. No witty explanation needed. If this is the Vader we get in the new trilogy, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Man Proposes With Homemade Arc Reactor, Makes Your Proposal Look Like Sh**



The video below is from a man named Eddie Zarick and besides having a great Bond villain name he likes to build things. More specifically, he thought of such an amazing and interesting way to propose to his girlfriend that you really should do your best (if you are a man) to not let yours watch this because anything you attempt to do after this will pale in comparison.

Who wouldn’t say yes? Hell, I would.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

Check This Out: Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron




I would like to share with you what has taken up my entire morning and will most likely take up my entire holiday vacation. The Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron The basic idea of this very simple but insanely fun program is you pick your writer, director and star of the next Star Wars movie then pick a title and how much action, romance, etc. then the program gives you a grade and written blurb about the movie and how much your Star Wars flick would make.

For example here is my first flick I did:
Writer- Kevin Smith
Director- JJ Abrams
Star- Nathan Fillion
Grade- B-
Gross- 330 million domestic

Shit this is seriously fun. Try not to lose tons of time with this. Be sure and post your hits and flops in the comments. Let’s compare!

Fifty Shades Of Takei

I have tried to think of something witty to say to accompany this video but my mind has officially shut down because the whole “celebrities read Fifty Shades of Grey” has reached its inevitable end….and it is glorious. Oh myyy indeed.

If Your Child Has Bieber Fever Then This Band Should Be Their New Role Models

So I may be late to this party but I just discovered The Children Medieval Band today. If you are unaware of them they are a Romanian trio of siblings living in the U.S. who have a huge love of the metal band Rammstein. They even got to open for the band at a concert in Colorado! The video above is just one of many they have put online covering the metal bands songs. We can turn our lost, musically challenged young people around. Meet our new role models.

Click here to see the band preform in Colorado before Rammstein.

Finally Something My Mother And I Can Agree On


Artist Mark Dos Santos has done the world (and my family) a great service. He has combined my love of Batman with my mother’s love of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post paintings. Thank you Mr. Dos Santos, you have brought another family together by joining the love of 1950’s Americana (when smoking was healthy) and my bloodthirst for vigilante justice.

Click the images to enlargify.