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Nintendo Developing New Console (Oh Yeah, Mobile Game Too)

Guild Wars 2: Collector’s Edition Gets Unpacked Or How Felicia Day Can Make Me Want Anything.

I am not a huge MMO guy. I never got into World of Warcraft and I still am waiting for this fall when Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play to get my lightsaber swing on but I’ll be damned if Felicia Day doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition.

Not only do you get to see the sweet amount of swag loaded in the box but you get to enjoy Ms. Day’s genuine excitement and a ‘that’s what she said’ joke.

A good day.

The Man With The Iron Fists Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

Neither is Wu Tang, but we already know that.

I am going to go ahead and say that most people that see this preview will laugh and instantly hate it. Those people are not fans of “kung-fu” movies.

While Chinese Connection, Game of Death or Drunken Master may not be cinematic masterpieces they were a huge part of my childhood and made the martial arts movies one of my go to’s when I was a kid.  And true to those films this preview is such an assault on the senses and I mean the in the best possible way.

Say what you want about RZA, he has never shied away from the fact that he has an absolute love of the martial arts society and movies. Now he has written a screenplay with Eli Roth and with the help of Quentin Tarantino, who knows a thing or two about making funky, awesome movies, is about to unleash his dream movie upon us.

Even if the preview doesn’t impress you, you have to be impressed with the cast that they assembled here. Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune and even Mr. “I Walk Alone” Batista.

The Man With The Iron Fists opens up later this year.

Final Fantasy Tech Demo.

Or as I will now be calling it: Final Fantasy: Dogs of Calcutta (Not Final Fantasy 7 Edition)

The demo is beautiful no one can deny that but Square can harness all the technical power in the world and it won’t matter if you don’t make a Final Fantasy that people want.

Zombi U Video Gives Me Reason To Watch Aisha Tyler


Sorry I had to.

Well here it is. The one sole game that actually looked appealing to me for the Wii U. I’m posting up the opening cinematic from Ubisoft’s event because I believe Aisha Tyler should be seen as much as humanly possible.

E3 Press Conference Thoughts


That picture above is how I feel after all the press conferences were said and done at this week’s E3. Don’t get me wrong there were tons of great games to look at and I will be telling you my favorites at the end of the week but as far as the actual press conferences go, they were disappointing.

If there was a winner I would have to say it would be Sony. They showed off Quantic Dream’s new game Beyond: Two Souls starring Ellen Page, some God of War: Ascension gameplay, announced that Assassin’s Creed 3 would have Playstation exclusive content and closed the show with with some new gameplay from The Last of Us that wowed not just the audience and me but the guys I was watching it with who don’t even own Playstation 3.

On the low end of Sony’s time was the massive lack of Vita support. Sure they announced the Assassin’s Creed game we all knew was coming and showed a minute teaser but there was only mention of Call of Duty and absolutely no mention of Bioshock or any other triple A title in the works. Worse yet was that there was no price drop. It shows me Sony may be a bit blind as to what is going on. They are bleeding money. Their stocks are the lowest they have been since 1984, the 3DS is kicking Vita’s ass in sales and while the Vita’s game library is large number wise most games could be considered forgettable.

3DS sales surged after their price drop and are still going strong. Why not at least go to $199 and give Vita a fighting chance? You have to have people playing these things to sell games. Who wants to develop for a system that is considered a worldwide disappointment? Help yourselves Sony. We want to give you money. Let us.

Microsoft brought some Halo 4 to show and had a quick teaser for Gears of War: Judgment but beyond that it was mostly third party games. Which is great and all but this is Microsoft’s time how about use it to show off some first party development? Something tells me that the reason they didn’t have any new IP’s to show or focus on is because we are late in the 360 life cycle and they may be focusing their first party game attention to the next generation XBox.

That is not to say the 360 is dying, far from it. Microsoft unveiled Smartglass which basically turns your tablet or smartphone into a pseudo 360 controller which sounds cool in design but I doubt I will be using it very much. You now have your phone, tablet, Kinect and controller to control your XBox. What I would like are some great looking new IP’s to be excited about playing.

The Kinect was almost an afterthought on Monday. After the sensor has been a focal point for the past two (or three?) shows the big announcement we got this year was that they were adding languages to the Kinect voice integration. No real games to speak of so if you want to you can now look up the awesome The Last of Us video from Sony’s show on YouTube in Portuguese with your Kinect.

Now we come to Nintendo who had me wrapped around their finger before the show started, full of hope about the Wii U. I was ready to be blown away with how the controller will truly add a new depth to gameplay like the Nintendo 64 and Wii have. Cut to over an hour later and Nintendo had taken my soul and crushed it. In my E3 wish list I said that Ninrendo needed to prove that the Wii U was not going to be a Wii 1.5 with a tablet and that is exactly what Nintendo spent over an hour showing me.

Miyamoto brought out Pikmin 3 which looked fun and after that it didn’t just go downhill, it started like an avalanche that rolled straight down to the pits of boring gaming hell. Not even New Super Mario Bros. U could bring this back to life because they showed off New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS a few minutes later which looked like THE SAME GAME. No big new open world Mario game, no Zelda, no Metroid, no Kirby, not even fu**ing Donkey Kong.

Things got no better when they rolled out the third party games….or should I say game. WB Games showed off Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition which showed the Wii U is perfectly capable of handling a nine month old game with a tablet controller. And that was about it. A sizzle reel was shown after showing games like Darksiders 2, Aliens and Mass Effect 3 coming but nothing else. I don’t want a system that is on par with what I have now. Make a leap. The only game that was shown that looked like it took full capabilites of Wii U’s controller was Ubisoft’s Zombi U. The look and concept of the game had a little bit of a fresh feel to it and was the only thing in the entire press conference that I felt I would truly want to play on the system.After that I spaced out and it all became about Luigi’s Mansion minigames and Nintendolands and I had given up at that point.

I love Nintendo. I truly do. I wanted them to knock this out of the park and what I got was an hour long Casey at the Bat.


Sony- B

Microsoft- C-

Nintendo- D


Lego Lord of the Rings Trailer

They speak!!!

That was my first thought during this amazing teaser trailer for Lego Lord of the Rings. Using real movie dialogue adds so freaking much to this game I can’t even say. I liked Lego Harry Potter and loved Lego Star Wars but didn’t really get that much out of the Pirates of the Caribbean but I am already in love with this game. And that’s just after a minute.