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Anne Hathaway Makes The Dark Knight Rise


by Captain Oblivious

I apologize. I could not resist the title. Anyway this is a bit of old news but news I wanted to talk about anyway. And that is the announcement that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. Not only that but Tom Hardy’s role has been revealed to not be that of Hugo Strange but of Bane.

First off I love the Hathaway casting. I mean look at some of the other rumors out there. Megan Fox? The acting piece of cardboard that was so bad that Michael Bay did not want her anymore…..MICHAEL BAY!! Cher………no. Anne Hathaway is as good as it gets in Hollywood right now and I love it.

And while i am a bit disappointed the Joseph Gordon Levitt casting did not pan out I will gladly watch Tom Hardy in anything. And Bane in the hands of Chris Nolan should be done the proper way. A twisted man raised in prison that uses any means necessary to be better than and break the Batman.