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Well We All Knew Someone Was Going To Die In AVX.

So if you are really engrossed in this year’s AVX series then you are going to hate me for the spoiler but you should really be mad at Marvel for having this series be as useless as it is cause they apparently can’t even pick an original character to die properly. So here we are….the biiiiig death.

Yep. Professor X is biting the bullet. Now if you are having the reaction of “Wait. Hasn’t he died literally like 14 times?”, then you are having the exact reaction you should. Because of all the characters in this massive clusterf*** of an “event” to die why on God’s green Earth would you pick a guy that has died only a few less times than Jean Grey? I gave up on the series months ago and can say now truly that I am glad I did.

R.I.P. Charles Xavier…..

…..until next year sometime when you inevitably come back somehow.


Pull List 4/18/12


Nightwing #8
Night of the Owls starts out in an awesome way with Dick trying to save Mayor Hady as the Court of Owls begins its assault on Gotham. The story is a great link to the Gates of Gotham story as well. The big Bat event of the year could not have started better.
Score: 9/10

Batman #8
Bruce, who barely escaped the Court, is put on the run in the mansion when the Talons come knocking. Such great action and even Alfred gets some of a Court member. It’s like Home Alone: Batman Breaks Your Face Edition. Another month, another Scott Snyder gem.
Score: 9.5/10

Catwoman #8
Man there is a lot of stories getting together in this issue. Selena and Spark are scoping out Penguin to finish a heist and get caught up with a psycho kidnapping hookers and packing massive weapons. Meanwhile the Court of Owls has Penguin on their list. I smell a team uuuuuup.
Score: 8/10

Justice League #8
Green Arrow (who looks too much like a Smallville character to me) finally gets in the mix and tries to jackass his way onto the team. Interested to see what his past with Aquaman is and we get some Martian Manhunter next month. Good stuff.
Score: 8/10

AVX #2
This has to be the most conflicted I have felt about a single issue comic in I don’t know how long. Cap vs Cyclops, Namor vs Thing, Red Hulk vs Colossus. The action is good. Yet half the script is dopey and the other half ok. And the art just makes me feel like its 1988 so it must be Romita Jr. Ugh.
Score: 7.5/10 (for the fights and part of the script) 5/10 (for the rest)

The Shadow #1
Oh wow! Garth Ennis has taken The Shadow and made him completely and utterly amazing. Taking the character and entrenching him in the grimy world of pre-WW2 America and adding that healthy dose of violence Ennis is known for. Pick this book up!
Score: 9/10

Also finished up a few trades that were equally as good as this week’s crop of monthlies.
Hack/Slash Omnibus Vol. 1
Score: 8.5/10
Hack/Slash Omnibus Vol. 2
Score: 9/10
This is my new current addiction. You can not get any better than your heroine teaming with the likes of Chucky and the Suicide Girls and fighting an endless array of slashers including Re-Animator. Vol. 2 is slightly better to me with all the family drama involved.

Severed HC
Score: 9/10
This story is the definition of tense. You want more but if there was more I think it would hurt the overall sense of horror in the book. The greatest thing a writer can do is leave you to finish the story in your own mind. And with me that may not be a good thing cause it’s a effed up place in there.

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The Pull List 3/28/12


AVX #0
We start out the big event with M.O.D.O.K. getting his ass kicked (again), Scarlet Witch thinking she’s a horrible person, Vision telling her she’s a horrible person and Hope Summers telling Scott to f*** off.
Score: 7/10

AVX Rd. 1
Scott acts like a complete tool the entire issue and manages to kick start a fight with The Avengers. Good going dick. Oh and the Phoenix is back to take over Hope and make things fun.
Score: 7.5/10

The Ultimates #8
Reed may have found a new ally (as if he needed one). Tony and Thor are taken hostage while the president decides to take the offensive on The City. Pretty good stuff.
Score: 8/10

Aquaman #7
After last month’s Mera side story we get back to more serious tones with Black Manta back to cause more problems and Aquaman trying to unravel the mystery of who sunk Atlantis. This is still one of my favorite books every month.
Score: 8.5/10

All Star Western #7
Jonah heads to NOLA, which still looks as dirty today as in western days, to search for Moody only to get sidetracked by some good old fashioned gladiator type bum fights. Love the story but the art gets on my nerves a bit.
Score: 8/10

The Dark Knight #7
Batman and Bane go at it one more time to finish up the new venom story and we learn the secret of White Rabbit and no she doesn’t magically become a real rabbit.
Score: 7.5/10

Superman #7
New creative team begins with the introduction of Helspont who went to mid 90’s villain school. Dan Jurgens is involved so that may explain a lot. Not a big leap in quality (so far).
Score: 6.5/10

Star Trek #7
Good beginning to a new story directly correlating with the movie and a very good twist ending. Looking forward to see where it goes.
Score: 8/10

Also I am going through American Vampire Vol. 3 so here are the quick scores for the first two.
Vol. 1- 9.5/10
Vol. 2- 9.5/10
Moral of the story kids? Scott Snyder is one of the best things going in comics today.

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