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Finally Something My Mother And I Can Agree On


Artist Mark Dos Santos has done the world (and my family) a great service. He has combined my love of Batman with my mother’s love of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post paintings. Thank you Mr. Dos Santos, you have brought another family together by joining the love of 1950’s Americana (when smoking was healthy) and my bloodthirst for vigilante justice.

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The Justice League Rumor Of The Day Is A Doozy



Just when I think we are going to have a normal day without any kind of weird Episode VII or Justice League rumors….WHAM!!! has started a rumor firestorm today by saying that there is word floating around that DC is looking to jumpstart their Justice League movie as early as this summer with Man of Steel and that may include a cameo from Batman himself. Not only that but the Caped Crusader would be played by none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Yeah, let’s rewind a tick.

Zack Snyder has been pretty adamant during the filming of Man of Steel that his movie would stand alone and that he had no involvement with DC’s plans for a Justice League movie but in a New York Post interview recently the director has become more coy about the possibility that his Superman is the one we will see in a big screen Justice League adventure.

“Um, how can I answer that? I can’t really say anything to that, because that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.”

In Hollywood speak Snyder basically just said “Yeah, we’re trying to figure it out as we speak.”

So now we come to today and HitFix’s sources saying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing Batman in the JL movie and not just that but they may be trying to fit him into a cameo in Man of Steel like Marvel did with Nick Fury in Iron Man. Maybe you would think that this would excite me being a huge JGL fan and all but exactly the opposite actually.

Let Nolan’s Bat trilogy stand alone. Even the director himself has said that the trilogy was “his” Batman. How the character was more than just a man, it was a symbol. The Justice League movie is something completely different. You need Bruce Wayne as Batman. To not have that in what may be the biggest gamble your company makes on a movie is folly. Imagine if you went to see The Avengers and instead of Tony Stark you had Sam Goodwin, random other guy who took over for Tony while he was off on a bender or something. Cool action bro but where’s the real Iron Man?

Look, DC can do this right. I have faith they can. There is no need to connect to Nolan’s Bat films. Batman is like Bond, actors apply at the desk. May the best man win.

The Dark Knight Returns…..Again. Trailer For Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Part 2.

Here is the first trailer for Warner’s The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 which shows off what I have been looking forward to the most and that is the huge Batman/ Superman battle. Also we get a good bit of Michael Emerson’s take on The Joker which sounds different but not bad. That’s the only thing about the first movie was some of the voice casting was a bit off. Not bad mind you, just not living up to the voices of Warner’s past animated releases. I will say that I do like Mark Valley’s take on Superman so far from what I’ve heard.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 releases next year. You can read my review of the first feature here

Would Batman Ever Drive A Kia? You Would Think No, But….

Yeah so Kia may not have the best name in cars but this is Batman inspired car designed by artist Jim Lee is a thing of beauty.

DC partnered with Kia to turn this Kia Optima in into the ultimate Bat-ride to be showcased in the Time Warner Center as part of the company’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign which raises money to fight hunger in Africa. I don’t know about fighting hunger but this car is fighting the image that Kia is a joke.

Scott Snyder To Write New Superman Title In 2013!!


Ok….breathe man breathe. You can do this.

DC has announced today that Scott Snyder will be writing a new Superman title to begin in 2013…..with Jim Lee drawing it no less!!

Now if you know me then you know that I am currently writing this while hiding a raging nerd boner. Snyder is by far the best writer in comics today and his run on Detective Comics and currently on Batman are some of the best stories the character has seen in his 70 year history. I have always wondered what his take on The Man of Steel would be like and I will finally get my wish next year.

Scott Snyder had this to say when the news was announced:

“I’ve loved Superman since I was a kid, and to be working on him now, with the great Jim Lee, is simply too thrilling for words. It’s a dream come true for me on every front,” Snyder said. “I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say it’s the Superman story I’d write if I only ever got one chance to write the character. It’s an exploration of everything I love and am fascinated by about him. Like Court of Owls for Batman, it’s a character piece for Clark – it’s going to challenge him to his core. And it’s definitely epic in scope, with huge action and drama – the biggest and most earth shaking action I’ve ever done. Can’t wait to see what you all think of it. Couldn’t be more grateful or excited to get the chance to make this one!”

And to add on top of that amazing metric sh** ton of awesome is that Jim Lee will be drawing the comic?! It’s like DC is in my head and rooting around for all the dream projects I want to happen.

P.S. If you don’t know me, my entire forearm is a Jim Lee Superman tattoo. So hopefully that puts a little perspective on why I am typing this blog sounding like a fool.

You Know The Dark Knight Returned Right?

Yesterday saw the release of a slew of good titles to pick up. The Avengers, the Bond 50th anniversary set and the first part of DC’s animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic story The Dark Knight Returns. All of them will be getting reviews (Bond may be awhile, that set is HUGE) but one is up and ready to go now.

But where is it? I hear you saying with bated breath.

Just like with my Dredd review the other day (which you can find here) you will find the review for The Dark Knight Returns over on our new site

While you’re there take a look around and tell us what you think. And keep coming back daily for all the video game, pop culture and tech news you can take. Thanks for reading as always and thanks in advance for checking out our new venture!!

Everyone’s Psychotic Dream Girl Is 20!

In all the hooplah of Batman: The Animated Series’ anniversary and the Wii U announcement this week (catch all the coverage on I almost forgot that Harley Quinn was celebrating a birthday.

A lot of people forget that Harley was not a comic book creation but an addition to the Batman mythos in The Animated Series created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. And I believe if you ask those two they would never have expected the character to take off and be such an integral and popular piece to The Dark Knight’s canon.

She first appeared in the episode “The Joker’s Favor” and would appear in a total of 15 episodes over the series total run of 85. She still remains a big part of the DC Comics universe as a member of the current Suicide Squad and has appearances in both Rocksteady Batman games and Lego Batman 1&2.

Happy Birthday Harley. I would be your puddin’ anytime.

Sorry Mr. J.

Batman: The Animated Series Turns 20 This Week.

20 years ago this week saw the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series, my personal favorite version of The Dark Knight. The series was the first to have full orchestral soundtrack in a cartoon and had one of the finest voice casts ever assembled for a program. Most out of all of them was Mark Hamill’s revolutionary performance as The Joker.

Running from 1992-1995 for 85 episodes, Batman: The Animated Series anchored Fox Kids weekday after school lineup (along with other 20 year birthday celebrator Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). I, being a young lad of 12 before life took hold and drowned hopes and dreams, would hurry home from school to catch every episode of the series. Repeats be damned!! I could not venture how many times I have seen every episode.

There were so many classics like: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy, The Laughing Fish, Robin’s Reckoning, Almost Got Im, The Demon’s Quest and those are just as I am typing right now. I always loved Batman as a child but when TAS started it confirmed in my head and heart that Batman was and always will be the greatest superhero ever.

Check out my review of the first five episodes of The Animated Series here

Also if you don’t own any of these seasons of this classic and want to catch up they are available on Amazon

Pull List 8/22/12

Supercrooks #4- 9.0

The Dark Knight #12- 8.5

All-Star Western #12- 7.5

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1- 6.5

Star Trek #12- 7.5


This week was a mixed bag with one great read, one very good one and three that barely managed average.

All- Star Western finished up it’s story with Jonah and company taking on the Crime Bible gang. It feels like I should be getting behind this series more but I just can’t get past the feeling that this is just simply a pretty good book (not bad mind you). I do have some excitement about the inclusion of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the next issue so let’s hope it picks up.

Star Trek ended their Trouble with Tribbles storyline on a bit of a down note. It was a good first issue but the conclusion just felt thrown together like the last five minutes of a cop show that tries to solve everything in one swoop. Even though I was disappointed with it the big disappointment of the week goes to the first issue of the Dr. Manhattan series. The reason for this Before Watchmen series is to give us new looks at the characters from the times only talked about in the graphic novel but what JMS gives us is a re-worded version of the middle of Alan Moore’s work that really doesn’t shed anything new or revealing on our favorite blue donged hero.

Best two books of the week were easily The Dark Knight and the finale of Supercrooks. Man has The Dark Knight been really good since Gregg Hurwitz took over a few issues ago. Scarecrow is back to being ultra creepy especially with the look into his childhood. I liked how the issue did not conclude when it didn’t need to. Batman begins the issue strapped to a torture table and it ends that way also. But Supercrooks is the best book of the week in a big way. It’s been a longer wait in between issues but Mark Millar certainly made the wait worth our while with a conclusion that has so many twists, blood and lost limbs that it is insane. I beg you if you are a fan of comics please pick up these four issues.

Also, if you did read Supercrooks how completely badass was The Gladiator in that fight with The Praetorian? Yeah…exactly.

Read comics!!!

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Trailer

Robot Chicken has squeezed all they can out of Star Wars with three hilarious specials and now Seth Green and company are turning their attention to the DC Comics universe. It’s good to see that Aquaman will always get a raw deal no matter what is going on. I have to admit that I did laugh quite hardily at the bat signal being robot humped. Let’s face it anything being robot humped is funny.

The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special airs September 9. Set your DVR’s accordingly.