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Damn Arrow, Why You Gotta Keep Making Good Decisions?


One of my favorite new shows of this fall is Arrow. I was among the group that was very pessimistic when the series was announced but I’ll be damned if I didn’t watch the pilot and think it was completely awesome. Now the show is not perfect (Starling City? Really?) but it is a great (new) spin on the Oliver Queen character. Consider it like Smallville, just with better acting and storytelling.

Now comes the news that they have gotten Manu Bennett to play Slade Wilson on the show. Yeah, fu**ing Slade Wilson. Played by Crixus from Spartacus.


Now Deathstroke has already been shown on the show in Oliver’s flashbacks but he has remained under mask played by another actor but now I am guessing that we will get a full-on Deathstroke story. I keep waiting for Arrow to have a drop off a bit but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Let’s hope it lasts.


The Justice League Rumor Of The Day Is A Doozy



Just when I think we are going to have a normal day without any kind of weird Episode VII or Justice League rumors….WHAM!!! has started a rumor firestorm today by saying that there is word floating around that DC is looking to jumpstart their Justice League movie as early as this summer with Man of Steel and that may include a cameo from Batman himself. Not only that but the Caped Crusader would be played by none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Yeah, let’s rewind a tick.

Zack Snyder has been pretty adamant during the filming of Man of Steel that his movie would stand alone and that he had no involvement with DC’s plans for a Justice League movie but in a New York Post interview recently the director has become more coy about the possibility that his Superman is the one we will see in a big screen Justice League adventure.

“Um, how can I answer that? I can’t really say anything to that, because that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.”

In Hollywood speak Snyder basically just said “Yeah, we’re trying to figure it out as we speak.”

So now we come to today and HitFix’s sources saying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing Batman in the JL movie and not just that but they may be trying to fit him into a cameo in Man of Steel like Marvel did with Nick Fury in Iron Man. Maybe you would think that this would excite me being a huge JGL fan and all but exactly the opposite actually.

Let Nolan’s Bat trilogy stand alone. Even the director himself has said that the trilogy was “his” Batman. How the character was more than just a man, it was a symbol. The Justice League movie is something completely different. You need Bruce Wayne as Batman. To not have that in what may be the biggest gamble your company makes on a movie is folly. Imagine if you went to see The Avengers and instead of Tony Stark you had Sam Goodwin, random other guy who took over for Tony while he was off on a bender or something. Cool action bro but where’s the real Iron Man?

Look, DC can do this right. I have faith they can. There is no need to connect to Nolan’s Bat films. Batman is like Bond, actors apply at the desk. May the best man win.

You Know The Dark Knight Returned Right?

Yesterday saw the release of a slew of good titles to pick up. The Avengers, the Bond 50th anniversary set and the first part of DC’s animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic story The Dark Knight Returns. All of them will be getting reviews (Bond may be awhile, that set is HUGE) but one is up and ready to go now.

But where is it? I hear you saying with bated breath.

Just like with my Dredd review the other day (which you can find here) you will find the review for The Dark Knight Returns over on our new site

While you’re there take a look around and tell us what you think. And keep coming back daily for all the video game, pop culture and tech news you can take. Thanks for reading as always and thanks in advance for checking out our new venture!!

Everyone’s Psychotic Dream Girl Is 20!

In all the hooplah of Batman: The Animated Series’ anniversary and the Wii U announcement this week (catch all the coverage on I almost forgot that Harley Quinn was celebrating a birthday.

A lot of people forget that Harley was not a comic book creation but an addition to the Batman mythos in The Animated Series created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. And I believe if you ask those two they would never have expected the character to take off and be such an integral and popular piece to The Dark Knight’s canon.

She first appeared in the episode “The Joker’s Favor” and would appear in a total of 15 episodes over the series total run of 85. She still remains a big part of the DC Comics universe as a member of the current Suicide Squad and has appearances in both Rocksteady Batman games and Lego Batman 1&2.

Happy Birthday Harley. I would be your puddin’ anytime.

Sorry Mr. J.

Guess Who’s Super Banging?


Yep old Supes and Diana are the new power couple in the DC Universe. Since DC relaunched last year with their New 52, Superman has been sans his normal nookie Lois Lane but Geoff Johns apparently thinks it is about time the Man of Steel gets some Amazonian fun time. And don’t think that this will be a quickie sort of affair because according to Johns this relationship is how things are gonna be in the new DC universe for awhile.

This move honestly doesn’t bother me. Even with all the Lois and Clark history, Wonder Woman has always made for the better mate for Superman. Don’t believe me? Let’s let Brodie explain it.




Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Trailer

Robot Chicken has squeezed all they can out of Star Wars with three hilarious specials and now Seth Green and company are turning their attention to the DC Comics universe. It’s good to see that Aquaman will always get a raw deal no matter what is going on. I have to admit that I did laugh quite hardily at the bat signal being robot humped. Let’s face it anything being robot humped is funny.

The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special airs September 9. Set your DVR’s accordingly.

Pull List 8/15/12


The Walking Dead #101- 8.5

Nightwing #12- 8.5

Catwoman #12- 7.5

Green Lantern #12- 9.0

Saga #6- 9.0

Before Watchmen: Rorschach- 8.5

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #3- 8.0


Ok this was a great week comics wise. There really wasn’t a weak title in the bunch. The Walking Dead had an emotional and satisfying followup to their huge 100th issue. The final page leaves you with a sadistic smile on your face knowing that maybe some messed up stuff is coming. Catwoman and Nightwing each had villain reveals this week as Selina found out who Dollhouse was and Dick uncovered the secret of Paragon. Nightwing had a stronger issue because the Catwoman reveal left a little to be desired.

Rorschach got off to a brutal start as it should. Lee Bermejo’s art is always so stunning so it is good to see it done with a character I like so much. I would place the title in the upper tier of the Before Watchmen titles with Minutemen still remaining the best even after these couple of months.

The best titles of the week were definitely Saga and Green Lantern. I still don’t know how to describe Saga after six months but I do know that it is such a trip to read and so freaking imaginitive. Marko and Alana finally get off the planet as Prince Robot IV happens to make the wrong kind of enemy in The Will. Brian K. Vaughn is writing some seriously good stuff.

I think my title of the week has to go to Green Lantern. This issue sets up something HUGE for the forseeable future. Like HUGE HUGE and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds. Needless to say the Green Lantern annual is going to be a must read in a few weeks. Oh Hal, you poor bastard. Can never catch a break.

Read comics!!!

Ben Affleck In Talks To Direct The Justice League Movie…..Yeah.

Alright first things first. I will probably be the only internet blogger to not crap all over this news. Mostly because I think Ben Affleck has gotten a bit of a raw deal from fans for his shi**y movies. Guess what? All big stars make shi**y movies. Why Affleck gets so much grief over it boggles my mind. Ok enough rant.

Apparently Warner is high up on getting the Oscar winner to direct the superhero teamup so much that he is the only director that has been sent a copy of the script written by the upcoming Ganster Squad scribe Will Bealls. And with rumors that Warner wants to have the flick ready for summer 2015 they are going to have to step this process into overdrive once they finally do get a director.

If anyone has seen Affleck’s previous two films he has directed, Gone Baby Gone and The Town, then you should know that he is very good at his craft. He seems to be Warner’s go to guy because he was also offered the director’s chair earlier in the year on thier big screen version of Stephen King’s The Stand. Say what you want about the decision if he gets the job but at least Warner can tout the movie is directed by an Oscar winner. The Avengers didn’t even have that.

Pull List 8/8/12


Spider-Men #4- 9.0

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2- 9.0

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3- 8.5

Batman #12- 8.0

Batman and Robin #12- 8.5

Batgirl #12- 8.0

Earth 2 #4- 8.0

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias # 2- 7.0


There were a lot of good titles this week and I guess the big surprise was that for the first time in the New 52, Batman wasn’t my favorite Bat title of the month. Batman had a good story that fleshed out a character from last year but it was a stand alone story that could have been a shortened back story. Maybe I am just too excited for the Death of the Family storyline to begin in a couple of months.

Batman and Robin had a very good ending to the Terminus storyline which included all four Robins teaming up at the end of the issue and a great panel of artwork that I want framed and on my wall. Batman and Robin is creeping up to be my second favorite Bat book.

Ozymandias was OK this month. Nothing really wowed me about the book even though Jae Lee’s art is very good. The last page did give me hope for next month though.

My pick of the week is between Deadpool and Spider-Men and I have to give it to Bendis’ Spider-Men. Seriously dude, why you gotta get me halfway emotional about a Spidey title? He knows the Parker family dynamic so dang well and knows how to bring emotional weight to the characters. Next month is the final issue and I wish it wasn’t.

And I’ll leave you with this….




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The True (Fake, Yet Probably True) Story Of Before Watchmen.

What is funny about Part One of this story of how Before Watchmen came to be is that I have no way of disproving that this is exactly how Alan Moore acted when DC execs called the recluse and offered him the rights to Watchmen back.