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Fifty Shades Of Takei

I have tried to think of something witty to say to accompany this video but my mind has officially shut down because the whole “celebrities read Fifty Shades of Grey” has reached its inevitable end….and it is glorious. Oh myyy indeed.


You Either Get Busy Living, Or You Get Busy F******

If you are a normal reader of this blog then I beg, I plead you to please listen to this.

I am not someone that understands the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon mainly because I am not a 45 year old woman with deep rooted father issues and kinky sexual fantasies but I promise you that this Morgan Freeman (not really, but an INSANELY great impersonator) narration of Fifty Shades had me literally crying laughing. It also helps to hear it read like this to also understand how absolutely moronic the wording of the book is.

And if you get the title, I like you. Let’s be friends.