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A Movie Renly Can Get Behind (Get It?)

See Nicholas Sparks, just add some incest, man on man action and a dwarf and you too can have your next “hit”.

Seeing this has opened up so many more possibilities for Game of Thrones trailers. Tyrion and Bronn in a buddy cop actioneer or Cersei, Margaery Tyrell and company in a sexually charged religious thriller. Let’s get this going now!!!


The Winds of Winter Is Real. Thank God

A conversation with Martin where he talks about The Sopranos, his thoughts on The Avengers (thank God I’m not the only one missing Ant Man) and much more. The best part is at the 30 minute mark when he reads part of a chapter from The Winds of Winter proving that he is at least hard at work on the sixth entry of his Song of Ice and Fire series.