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He’s The Executioner We Deserve, But Not The One We Need Right Now

Yes I used a played out Dark Knight reference and I don’t care.

I guess it’s better than naming the article “I Just Shat Myself Because Of How Insanely Fu**ing Awesome This Preview Looks.”

Seriously, I love Judge Dredd and hearing Karl Urban rattle off raspy death threats will never get old even when I am watching this for the 50th time in the comfort of my home. I also could barely recognize Lena Headey with short hair and nasty looking scar on her face. I’m pretty sure she just watched a whole lot of Keira Knightly movies to get ready for her part of skinny, cracked out looking brunette.

Dredd opens up and blows your mind in September.


He Never Broke The Law, McCoy Is The Law


How do you start a good Monday you may ask? THIS is how you start a good Monday.

This is the first poster for the upcoming Dredd starring Karl Urban. My excitement knows no bounds right now. If you know me then you know that the Sylvester Stallone version is one of my massive guilty pleasure movies. If you hate it then join the club, I will keep watching it for the popcorn flick it is.

Karl Urban certainly has looked the part in all the shots I’ve seen and he has constantly affirmed that Judge Dredd does not remove his helmet in the movie as they try to keep to the classic character as possible.

Dredd releases this September.