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Matthew Vaughn NOT Directing X-Men: First Class Sequel


Well sh**.

Director Matthew Vaughn has decided not to direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class. This comes as some shi**y news for people like me who really wanted to see what he could do with the script of the movie which is reportedly based on Chris Claremont’s classic story Days of Future’s Past. The flick already has a summer 2014 release and all the cast coming back (including Michael Fassbender FTW) so now the race is on for a new director. Good luck finding someone like Vaughn for the project.

Oh wait.

Seems that 20th Century Fox is banging on Bryan Singer’s door to come in and replace Vaughn.

I feel a little bit better now.



Almost Everything We Thought About ‘The Wolverine’ Is Wrong

Ok internet, you are normally right on with certain things. How could you let this happen??? How can a movie be this far along and we have not learned all of its secrets yet? How are we as viewers and (sometimes) trolls to keep the integrity of the dirtsheets up if something like this passes everyone by?!

For shame.

So you know the whole new Wolverine flick that has been filming for the past few months? The one where the shots of Hugh Jackman would make any of the warriors from 300 cringe at the diamond cutting ability of his abs? The sequel to the horrid X-Men Origins: Wolverine…..wait nope. Wrong. Completely false.

Say whuuuuut?!

Yep. Director James Mangold told Empire Magazine that The Wolverine picks up after Brett Ratner’s sh** storm X-Men 3. Which now brings up the bigger question. Are Patrick Stewart and Famke Janssen’s supposed return to the X franchise via cameos in either The Wolverine or X-Men: First Class 2 the first steps in 20th Century Fox getting the X family back together for a new movie since the studio is wanting to have all of their movie characters (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man) in one combined universe like Disney has with The Avengers?

I just hope The Wolverine is a good movie. One where Silver Samurai is not some put together Frankenstein with blades in his arms and optic beams. Lookin’ at you Ryan Reynolds.

First Look At The Mandarin From Iron Man 3


If you couldn’t tell from the massive watermark on the picture, Entertainment Weekly has given us a first look at Ben Kingsley’s evil turn as Iron Man’s main baddie The Mandarin. With the first trailer set to release tomorrow there have been a steady stream of pictures from the movie including a good shot of Iron Patriot.

So what say you? How does Kingsley come across as Tony Stark’s nemesis? Yes he is not Asian but Kevin Feige has said that The Mandarin does not have to be Asian for the way they are telling his character in Iron Man 3.

Check back tomorrow for the trailer.


I Pledge Allegiance To The United States Of Cap.


The Ultimates is one of my favorite comics every month. Since issue one it has gone balls to the wall to completely tear down Marvel’s Ultimate universe. Reed Richards returns to Earth as the ultimate bad guy who forces America into surrendering to him by completely wiping out Washington. Then after his defeat, America has broken down into regions controlled by different groups with Texas leading the way in craziness (nothing unusual there).

Now in the wake of the “Divided We Fall” storyline come “United We Stand” which will see Steve Rogers assume the duties of the President of the United States of America.

That’s right. Cap is the Prez.

Like I said I love this comic and maybe this is the ten year old in me speaking but Captain America as the PUSA is completely f***ing awesome! I mean look deep down into your nerd heart, before life made you so cynical you can’t enjoy anything anymore. You know this to be true. You want Cap as president. You need Cap as president.


Could Viggo Mortensen Be Lined Up As Dr. Strange???



A big rumor going around today is that Viggo Mortensen is in talks to play Dr. Strange and that his first appearance would come in the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World. Now Marvel has been pretty spot on with their casting during their whole Phase One but this would take all of that and obliterate it in an amazing ball of Aragorn/ Eastern Promises/ not so much Hidalgo awesomeness!!!

Make this happen Marvel. Give the good doctor the love he deserves.

This is the love to which I am speaking.

Avengers Assemble For Connecting Covers.

The first three issues of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers will connect to make one giant splash scene which is great since the team is large enough to almost be it’s own football team. Seriously, it’s like a Where’s Waldo? of superhero teams. I bet if you actually look hard enough you will find Carmen Sandiego or Jimmy Hoffa hiding around in there somewhere.

Cap Has A Rough Time Adjusting In A New Deleted Avengers Scene

Another deleted scene has been released by Marvel just ahead of The Avengers September 25 home release and I can honestly say that this one should have made it into the movie. Now I understand why Joss Whedon didn’t want it in there. There were time constraints and this is something that could be told in the Cap sequel but this sequence is just so great it should be seen by everyone. We all knew he would have a hard time adjusting to his 70 year absence and seeing him go through the files of all his deceased comrades and seeing that Peggy is still alive brings the difficulty of his transition into the forefront.

Also it introduces us to when Cap met Ashley Johnson’s waitress character which would have helped when you saw her like four times during and after the end battle and wondered why they kept showing this random waitress chick.

Alternate Avengers Opening Scene Paints A Much Darker Picture

Here is a new deleted scene from the upcoming release of The Avengers on Blu-Ray and DVD. It changes not only the opening but the entire feel of the film altogether. Now I may be in the minority but I really like this scene. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie and like the opening we got in theaters but this seems to add much more weight to the final battle especially seeing this as the film opens you really get a grasp of how large the fight will be. I think it give Cobie Smulders a great scene and shows that Maria Hill is not just Nick Fury’s “yes” woman.

What do you think? Does this scene add or take away from the movie? Would it have taken away some of the lighthearted feeling during some of the movie?


Pull List 8/15/12


The Walking Dead #101- 8.5

Nightwing #12- 8.5

Catwoman #12- 7.5

Green Lantern #12- 9.0

Saga #6- 9.0

Before Watchmen: Rorschach- 8.5

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #3- 8.0


Ok this was a great week comics wise. There really wasn’t a weak title in the bunch. The Walking Dead had an emotional and satisfying followup to their huge 100th issue. The final page leaves you with a sadistic smile on your face knowing that maybe some messed up stuff is coming. Catwoman and Nightwing each had villain reveals this week as Selina found out who Dollhouse was and Dick uncovered the secret of Paragon. Nightwing had a stronger issue because the Catwoman reveal left a little to be desired.

Rorschach got off to a brutal start as it should. Lee Bermejo’s art is always so stunning so it is good to see it done with a character I like so much. I would place the title in the upper tier of the Before Watchmen titles with Minutemen still remaining the best even after these couple of months.

The best titles of the week were definitely Saga and Green Lantern. I still don’t know how to describe Saga after six months but I do know that it is such a trip to read and so freaking imaginitive. Marko and Alana finally get off the planet as Prince Robot IV happens to make the wrong kind of enemy in The Will. Brian K. Vaughn is writing some seriously good stuff.

I think my title of the week has to go to Green Lantern. This issue sets up something HUGE for the forseeable future. Like HUGE HUGE and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds. Needless to say the Green Lantern annual is going to be a must read in a few weeks. Oh Hal, you poor bastard. Can never catch a break.

Read comics!!!

The Avengers 2 Has A Release Date…..(Now Exhale)


Today Marvel announced that The Avengers 2 will release in theaters on May 1, 2015. So we just have to be patient for about 2 1/2 more years. This was the next logical move for Marvel who locked up Joss Whedon to write and direct the sequel last week.

For me I have to think that after Avengers 2 opens up Marvel is going to have some serious thinking to do because Robert Downey Jr. has been saying that even he doesn’t know where to go after Iron Man 3 so it seems to me that they could convince him to do Avengers 2 but after that it’s anybody’s guess.

The Avengers 2 will close out Marvel’s “Phase 2” and the releases have now all been announced:

Iron Man 3- May 3, 2013

Thor: The Dark World- November 8, 2013

Captain America: The Winter Soldier- April 4, 2014

Guardian of the Galaxy- August 1, 2014

The Avengers 2- May 1, 2015