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Dishonored Review



One of the most anticipated games of the fall is Dishonored. This first person stealth game combines a steampunk look with elements from some gaming classics like Bioshock, Thief and Half-Life. If you have been wondering whether to pick up this game in the crowded holiday market go read my review of the game here

Also don’t forget that all of my movie reviews will be posted on as well as any gaming news you may need. Keep visiting here for my skewed views on comics, movies, anything that tickles my fancy. By the way, if anyone knows the origin of that saying please let me know. I have always wondered.


Gears Of Star Trek’s Mass Effect War

Here is the new gamescom trailer for the upcoming Star Trek game that will bridge the first and second movie one would assume (along with the excellent monthly comic series). And yes as you can tell from the title the inevitable comparisons to Mass Effect and Gears of War will be incoming but I am thinking that basing your game on a classic series and great reboot then mixing it with two of the greatest game series ever can be nothing but a big warp drive full of win.

Now if there were Tribbles in the game, I would literally pee my pants.

Playstation Gamescom 2012 Quick Hits

Just got done watching Sony’s conference from this years Gamescom in Germany and holy crap did they blow that sucker out of the water! It really makes me think that they truly listened to all the grumbles after their show at E3 and decided to give people what they wanted to see (i.e. no 20 minute Wonderbook demos). Sony started out with a big Vita blowout spending almost 30 minutes showcasing the fall lineup for their handheld. For Vita owners like me it was a reminder of why we bought our systems and hopefully got new people convinced to pick one up. Here’s a quick tally of what Sony let loose on all game lovers today.

-Sony said that starting this fall certain titles that release on PS3 will be given the Vita versions for free. Thank you sweet holy Jesus! Sly Cooper, PS All-Stars and Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be the first titles to have this. Sony….you’re winning me over.

-Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will release this fall with a special Vita bundle and gameplay was finally shown. It looked good but eveyone knows I am not a huge COD fan but fans will go crazy over the footage shown.

-Killzone: Mercenary was shown for the Vita with a live action trailer that showed some gameplay near the end. It definitely had the Killzone look but was way varied when it came to the way the gameplay looks.

– The Vita will also be getting PS Plus sometime this fall.

-Red Dead Redemption will be the free to download game for September on PS Plus. This is a great game that will definitely be downloaded on my PS3. Seriously if you aren’t a Plus member, get with it. Sony gives you so much free content that it is ludicrous.

-Sony is extending the amount of Cloud data storage for members from 150MB to a full 1GB. Now my full Playstation can get some relief.

-Dante, Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank and Spike will be playable in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

-Media Molecule unveiled their new title called Tearaway and it will be a PS Vita exclusive.

-Two new titles for the Playstation Network were announced, Rain and Puppeteer. Rain will be about a boy who turns invisible and can only be seen in the rain and Puppeteer is a platformer that literally is too weird to try and put into words. I’m not joking. Imagine the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had while drugged up and with the flu. It is nowhere near Puppeteer.

-The Move got a little love with a video (thank God) for Wonderbook, a new survival horror game called Until Dawn and FIFA 13. Until Dawn looked interesting enough to give it a try. The FIFA demo actually had me chuckling wondering who would ever want to control players on the pitch with their Move. Especially with what they showed.

-The Last of Us got a new video that mostly showed footage we have seen before but it was still great anyway. The back and forth at the end of the video gave me chills and it wasn’t even anything violent. Just one line that makes me want to play this game NOW!

All in all I have to say that Sony really showed off their better side today. They made up for the E3 press conference which actually wasn’t that bad they just seemed to forget they had a new handheld to sell. That was more than rectified today. Good job Sony.

Star Wars 1313: If Han Solo and Commander Shepard Had A Space Love Child

The first gameplay trailer for Star Wars 1313 is here. If you have seen the playthrough from E3 this past June then it looks like most of this is cut from that with a littrle bit of new stuff but the trailer is still dark and depressing and Star Wars. I am glad Lucasarts is at least attempting an M-rated look at the Star Wars universe in video games.

I am still having a hard time believing that this thing is going to be for current generation consoles. Maybe I am wrong but this footage and some of the stuff from E3 is simply gorgeous and, to me, looks like it may be running on Unreal Engine 4. Take a look and tell me what you all think. If it means getting a game as beutiful as the trailer then I will gladly wait a few years for a next-gen release.

Avid Naked Gamer Returns! Releases For Week Of August 12, 2012

If any of you have followed me on Twitter (@scottsnerdmind) then you may know that I have an alternate identity known the world over (or the world in my mind) as the Avid Naked Gamer. Let’s all welcome him back with open arms. Don’t worry, I won’t make it weird…..unless you want.

This week sees the release of Darksiders 2, a “new” open world IP called Sleeping Dogs (i.e. True Crime: Hong Kong), Dust continues the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade and a new JRPG with a European medieval look in The Last Story.

Sleeping Dogs is my pick this week simply because I am picking the game up. I had written it off as just another open world game until E3 when the gameplay was shown and it looked like United Front Games is truly trying to refine the combat inside a large game. While the GTA’s and Saint’s Row’s have their own certain things they do right neither have really gotten hand to hand combat down to what one would call… I hope Sleeping Dogs can change that with a counter system that looks to borrow from Rocksteady’s Batman as well as motion capture from MMA legend Georges St. Pierre and enviromental kills. I will have a review up as soon as I get the game done.

I will be honest I haven’t played the first Darksiders. No reason other than I just haven’t found the time to get around to it. I do know that of the people I know that played it, it did surprise them with how good it turned out to be and the reviews for the first game were decent to good. I do hope this game sells well because right now THQ needs all the help it can get. I’m afraid that if Darksiders and WWE disappoint that it will sink THQ and a fire sale of IP’s will begin. So if you liked the first game, pick this up if anything to keep a good publisher in business.

This week releases:

-Sleeping Dogs (360, PS3, PC)

– Darksiders 2 (360, PS3, PC)

-Dust: An Elysian Tale (Xbox Live Arcade)

-The Last Story (Wii)





If There Is A Fourth Wall In Games, Deadpool Will Break It

Another little surprise out of last week’s Comic Con was that High Moon Studios, makers of the excellent Transformers: War for Cybertron and the soon to be excellent Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, are in development of a game starring everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth Deadpool.

It sure does look like the makers have the character down with Deadpool’s trademark humor all over this video. Add in that he is being voiced by Nolan ‘he only does everything’ North and you already have one of my most wanted games of 2013.

Take a peek and always remember that Deadpool loves boobies and that I actually owned that Marvel swimsuit issue on his coffee table. Don’t judge me. I was 12.

The Last Of Us Should Make Non PS3 Owners Be Ashamed

How does a company follow up Uncharted 1-3? Without a doubt three of the greatest adventure games ever made. But no one can ever accuse Naughty Dog of resting on their laurels.

At the end of the Sony press conference Monday night Naughty Dog wheeled out a new section of gameplay from The Last of Us that can only be described as in-fu**ing-tense. Protagonists Joel and Ellie try and carefully make their way through one of the many abandoned, broken down buildings in the virus ravaged world which they live.

Needless to say things do not go smoothly. When Joel has to fight it is truly full of dread and tension. There is a visceral feeling from this trailer that I haven’t felt from any game.

No release date was announced which makes me think it will be a 2013 release. But I pray I am wrong.

New Tomb Raider Gameplay Trailer Brings The Wow.

Here is the new trailer for Square Enix’s 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. The footage shown at last year’s E3 certainly got people talking and I am sure this will do the same. The game looks absolutely beautiful and it looks just as good in gameplay as cutscence. This game just shot up my list of must owns.

Tomb Raider releases on March 5, 2013.

Captain America: Super Soldier Review

Or maybe this game should be called Captain America: Hydra Asylum because you can not play this game without seeing the basic design and controls for Batman: Arkham Asylum ripped off thoroughly. And I am not meaning that in a derogatory way because if you are going to base your design and control scheme off another game why not take it from one of the finest action titles ever released?

The game takes place while the movie is happening and yet has a story that is not directly involved with the movie. If you have seen the movie you can pretty much tell that this happens during the montage of battles that take place after Steve Rogers stops being a USO show and takes up being a real war hero. Cap dives into a Hydra facility that ends up being on the grounds of Baron Zemo’s castle. You must make a way for the Howling Commandos and soldiers to enter the grounds and discover what exactly Hydra is doing behind the castle walls.

The castle is not as expertly designed as Arkham Asylum but it has more than its share of twists and turns and interconnecting tunnels to keep you looking for a bit. It just does not spring to life like Arkham or Rapture from Bioshock but few games accomplish that. Sega has filled the game with collectibles to ensure that you do search every nook and cranny of the Hydra base and I did find myself trying to find all the ceramic eggs, Zemo diaries, film reels and break every statue I could. Maybe it was because I was surprised how decent a movie based game I was playing. Who knows?

Control wise if you have played Batman: AA then you pretty much know how to play this game. That was the most impressive part of the game was how solid the combat was. Strikes are performed with one button  and must be used in conjunction with counters and shield attacks. I hate to keep coming back to Batman but just insert in a star spangled shield instead of batarangs and there you go. You also have special attacks that build up and when unleashed are devastating slow motion hits that really add a satisfying finish to fights.

The pros in Cap far outweigh the cons which include a wonky camera, jumping sections that are too easy and the game holding your hand through some sections instead of figuring things out for yourself. The graphics are not great but they get the job done and honestly I was having fun enjoying the combat to notice any glaring graphical hiccups.

Is Cap a great game? No it isn’t but it is a decent game that is made good by the fun combat. And in the world of movie based games you can do worse. Much, much worse (i.e. see Iron Man)

Score: 7/10


E3 2011 Wrap Up

And just like that it was over….

E3 2011 was just as much fun as I thought it would be. Systems revealed and named, one of the strongest game lineups ever and booth babes galore! Now comes the hard part…..the waiting. Especially for the amazing games that we already know are coming out in 2012 like Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur.
So while we wait I thought I would give you my list of the games and news that stole the show in my humble opinion. Let’s begin shall we?

Best Of Show- Skyrim (PS3, 360)

When Bethesda reported that they stopped clocking the game at 300 hours I almost wet myself. It looks like they have kept everything we loved about Oblivion and improved everything we did not and gone balls to the wall with a game of such an epic size I don’t know how to even wrap my head around 100% completing it.

Best Press Conference- Sony

I would have thought Nintendo would be primed to steal the show but Sony took the reigns and never looked back. They brought the exclusives (Uncharted, Resistance, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal), sold me on the PSVita with a competitive price to the 3DS and appeared genuinely humbled by the infamous PSN outage. Well played Sony.

Best Surprise- Sly Cooper 4 (PS3)

We all knew it would happen. Eventually Sly would be making his way to the PS3 and here it is!!

Worst Surprise- Nintendo Kicking Me In The Nuts With The Wii U

Maybe I expected too much. Maybe like many video game fans had hoped this would be the hardcore Nintendo system we’ve been waiting on. Dreams of cool names ran through my head. Would it be the Stream or something sweeter like when the Wii was known as Revolution. Then the announcement came, the Wii U. What? What the hell is that? Is Nintendo opening a college I had no idea about? Now don’t get me wrong since the announcement I have become intrigued by the controller and possible (I stress possible) uses for it. The system looks powerful enough but tech demos are not a game. Who knows? I may end up buying a Wii U in the end but the pain of the full frontal crotch kick from the press conference still stings.

Best PS3 Game- Uncharted 3

Can Naughty Dog do no wrong? This game is one of the prettiest games and were still five months from release. Just like Uncharted 2 was leaps and bounds above the first, I expect this to eclipse the second in the same way.

Best 360 Game- Gears of War 3

It all comes down to this. On September 20 we will find out the fate of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad with Epic’s……well epic trilogy. Not only that but add in the fact that multiplayer will have it’s own dedicated servers and the new and improved Horde Mode looks nothing short of amazing and you can see that Epic is throwing everything they can at us.


Best Wii Game- Zelda: Skyward Sword

What else would it be? Dance Dance Revolution 2? The Wii had a crap year so of course this would be the game. Looks a bit brighter than Twilight Princess and it uses the Wii Motion Plus well from the look of it.


Most Anticipated- Mass Effect 3

One of the best thing to come out of E3 was we finally got a release date for Mass Effect 3. And while March 6, 2012 may be a bit longer than I thought it will be well worth the wait. I have not looked forward to seeing how a video game story comes to a close more than with Mass Effect. I’ve spent four years developing a character and relationships through two games and can not wait to see how all of it plays out in the end.


Best Trailer- Assassin’s Creed: Revelations


Best Demo For Something That Doesn’t Exist Yet- Zelda HD (Wii U)

I know, I know I gave my two cents earlier about the Wii U but I also said that the more I see the more I sort of, kind of like it. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. But this Zelda HD demo was a good early glimpse of what could be in our Nintendo futures.


There was so much to take in this week that I am still trying to process it. So many good games to look forward to that it makes my wallet cringe. Another amazing show. What was your highlight of this years E3? Let me know!

Next……Comic Con 2011!!!