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3D? Sony Doesn’t Need No Stinking 3D.


by Captain Oblivious


Well there it is….the PSP 2. Or maybe not. Right now Sony is going with the NGP which stands for Next Generation Portable. With Nintendo headed like a freight train with their March 27th release of the 3DS Sony decided to show off their response and their response was power. Pure power. How do you combat “glassless” 3D? They decided to give us a system with the power of the PS3 along with an OLED screen, dual analog sticks, front touch screen, rear touch pad and Wi-Fi and 3G support for online play.

Whew….dang Sony. You drive a hard bargain.

No price point or release date has been given yet but Sony has said that the NGP will be in our hands by the end of the year. Sony also gave a quick look at some of the games in development which included:

– Uncharted (God yes!)

– Hot Shots Golf

– Killzone

– Little Big Planet

– Resistance

– Hustle Kings

EA also confirmed that a new Call of Duty is in development for the new handheld. While I am a Nintendo fanboy I did love my PSP. So much so that I bought two of them. And while Nintendo surely have a hit with the 3DS Sony is showing that aren’t going to give up on the portable market yet.