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Darth Vader Say What?



Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best. After watching this video let’s see if you were like me and laughed a little bit more than you thought you would when the video began. Darth Vader is a bit hard of hearing and that’s it. No witty explanation needed. If this is the Vader we get in the new trilogy, I wouldn’t be opposed.


Man Proposes With Homemade Arc Reactor, Makes Your Proposal Look Like Sh**



The video below is from a man named Eddie Zarick and besides having a great Bond villain name he likes to build things. More specifically, he thought of such an amazing and interesting way to propose to his girlfriend that you really should do your best (if you are a man) to not let yours watch this because anything you attempt to do after this will pale in comparison.

Who wouldn’t say yes? Hell, I would.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

If Your Child Has Bieber Fever Then This Band Should Be Their New Role Models

So I may be late to this party but I just discovered The Children Medieval Band today. If you are unaware of them they are a Romanian trio of siblings living in the U.S. who have a huge love of the metal band Rammstein. They even got to open for the band at a concert in Colorado! The video above is just one of many they have put online covering the metal bands songs. We can turn our lost, musically challenged young people around. Meet our new role models.

Click here to see the band preform in Colorado before Rammstein.

This Bookstore Tells Your Bookstore To F*** Off


Seeing this display of the Tower of Barad-Dur in a bookstore must make anyone else that works in any bookstore feel a little useless. What’s that? You say you have a few tables set out for The Hobbit with books and POP! Figures, etc.? I’ll see your table and raise you an eight-fu**ing-foot tower of books.

Your move bitches.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

Has It Been 200 Posts Already??

Just think, 199 posts ago I was a fresh faced, wide eyed, optimistic, bushy haired (bald) new blogger. I needed an outlet to release all the random shit floating around in my head and I found an outlet. It sure beat annoying my friends and family with facts about Superman, Scott Snyder, Star Wars or whatever else had caught my attention at the time.

So I take this 200th post to send out a massive thanks. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and/or comment on any one of these random ass posts. And an even bigger thanks (and maybe a virtual hug, but with no weird rubbing involved) to everyone who has subscribed and reads this on a regular basis. You are the wind beneath my wings and I am never one to over exaggerate.

But seriously, thanks to all of you for reading.




Thanks guys.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Party Game. No This Is Not A Joke.

Feast you eyes and be amazed. I shit you not, this is entirely real.¬†This is the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game for all of you fans that want to get together and as the box says “reveal your inner goddess”.

You should know by now that if I was making this up I would have told you by now.

Players will start off with easy questions and work their way up to the “Red Room Expansion Pack” which of course costs extra and probably involves all the kinky fuckery fans of the series should enjoy. And no I did not just make up kinky fuckery, that is actually said in the books.

So if reading the books isn’t quite getting you enough ideas as to what to do in bed (or the billions of porn videos online) then pick up Uno: Riding Crop Edition

Happy Halloween From Kristen Stewart

The wonderful thing about this video is not just the spot on impression but the fact that I really, truly, honestly believe that if the real Kristen Stewart made a YouTube video it would be so damn close to this.

It still amazes me that I liked Snow White and the Huntsman when I watch this.

Thanks to The Mary Sue

This Is Why Other Countries Win At Flash-Mobs

How about a little bit of Star Wars to start the day? Not just Star Wars but a rather elaborate Star Wars flash-mob performed by a frighteningly well hidden orchestra.

Now first thought is how wonderful and awesome this is to watch, second is how did that many people get into that public place with so many random black bags and cases without coming under suspicion? Maybe that is how my American brain works now. Damn. So clearly there are two winners in this video. George Lucas and the terrorists.

Thanks to Topless Robot

When You Read The Game Of Thrones, You Wait Or You Die. Or Die Waiting

If the wonderful author George R.R. Martin could happen upon one video online accidentally I would pray it be this one. Comedic singing duo Paul and Storm have crafted a song that tells the story of every Game of Thrones fan….hurry the hell up and get the last two books done!

Yes we all know that he is hard at work on The Winds of Winter and even read a sample chapter during an interview but let’s just say that there is a reason we have two page descriptions of what dinner consisted of. The short wait promised between Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons ended up being like six years.

Also while you are checking out the video be sure and subscribe to the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube. The video is linked to it. Take it from me, anything involving Felicia Day will certainly make your….well…day.