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So J.J. Is Directing Star Wars. First Lense Flare Joke Gets Punched In The Throat.


Alright here we go. Now Star Wars Episode VII is really real.

Yesterday’s announcement of J.J. Abrams as director of the next story in the Star Wars saga came with a general amount of surprise by most. So many directors have been mentioned (by me also) as possible candidates including Matthew Vaughn, Steven Spielberg, Jon Favreau and even Ben Affleck were in the running. But here is my official statement on Lucasfilm hiring Abrams to take over the world of lightsabers and breathing machines.


Look, a lot of directors could have worked well with the new Star Wars film if the script turns out to be very good. I especially would have loved Matthew Vaughn’s take on it but Abrams doing this gives me a general sense of hope and excitement. The guy helped create Alias, Lost and Fringe. He has directed the best Mission: Impossible (M:I 3), the wonderful Super 8 and took the Star Trek franchise and breathed new life into it and made it relevant for a new generation. The man has one damn impressive resume. You can not deny it.

There are rumors out there that the new flick may have a female lead and that some have been pushing for Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz to star. If any of this is true I will be a happy camper. We have had six movies of male leads, how awesome would it be to have a kick ass female Jedi on screen (ahhh Mara Jade).

So to recap, nice job Lucasfilm. The weight of nerd worry has lifted a bit from my shoulders. Now let’s make a damn Star Wars movie!


Can We Just Know What Is Going On With Star Wars Already?



One thing I love about writing rumors is that as sure as the sun is in the sky and Tom Brady smokes pole I will be writing another blog to completely refute what I wrote before. It’s fun. Keeps me on my toes.

So here we go again.

Remember how Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg were reportedly brought on board to write and produce Episodes VIII & IX? If you don’t that’s ok here is a handy link to catch you up to speed.

Done yet? Ok so scratch that….or perhaps not. Hell I don’t know anymore.

Disney is getting all cloak and dagger with their shit and now it could be that the two are writing VIII & IX or it could turn into some other movie entirely but still be inside the Star Wars universe. Which is great and all because I definitely wouldn’t mind new Star Wars stories not involving the Skywalkers. If there is a possibility I could get a movie based on the X-Wing series then I will kiss George Lucas full on his chubby bearded mouth for selling to Disney.