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New Harry Osborn Is Certainly A Step Up (UPDATED)


Dane DeHaan is going from playing a crazy poor kid to a crazy rich kid. For those of you that have yet to watch him in Chronicle then you should really do yourself a favor and see it. He easily stole that movie and his performance should give you a glimpse of how great he should be as Harry Osborn.

So far the casting for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been good but there is still that lingering rumor of Jamie Foxx playing Electro out there.


So it appears Jamie Foxx has confirmed that he will in fact be playing Electro. Here is a direct quote from the Oscar winner (I still roll my eyes when I type that)

”a genius electrician-type person and he gets the short end of the stick from the whole world… The next thing you know, he turns it on.”

Electrician-type person….dude. I am so looking forward to Django Unchained but you have got some work to do on getting people to believe in Electro.


Avengers Assemble For Connecting Covers.

The first three issues of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers will connect to make one giant splash scene which is great since the team is large enough to almost be it’s own football team. Seriously, it’s like a Where’s Waldo? of superhero teams. I bet if you actually look hard enough you will find Carmen Sandiego or Jimmy Hoffa hiding around in there somewhere.

Pull List 8/8/12


Spider-Men #4- 9.0

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2- 9.0

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3- 8.5

Batman #12- 8.0

Batman and Robin #12- 8.5

Batgirl #12- 8.0

Earth 2 #4- 8.0

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias # 2- 7.0


There were a lot of good titles this week and I guess the big surprise was that for the first time in the New 52, Batman wasn’t my favorite Bat title of the month. Batman had a good story that fleshed out a character from last year but it was a stand alone story that could have been a shortened back story. Maybe I am just too excited for the Death of the Family storyline to begin in a couple of months.

Batman and Robin had a very good ending to the Terminus storyline which included all four Robins teaming up at the end of the issue and a great panel of artwork that I want framed and on my wall. Batman and Robin is creeping up to be my second favorite Bat book.

Ozymandias was OK this month. Nothing really wowed me about the book even though Jae Lee’s art is very good. The last page did give me hope for next month though.

My pick of the week is between Deadpool and Spider-Men and I have to give it to Bendis’ Spider-Men. Seriously dude, why you gotta get me halfway emotional about a Spidey title? He knows the Parker family dynamic so dang well and knows how to bring emotional weight to the characters. Next month is the final issue and I wish it wasn’t.

And I’ll leave you with this….




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Pull List 7/11/12

The Walking Dead #100 (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Don’t worry this is completely SPOLER FREE. I had spoilers last month but I don’t wanna chance anyone accidentally read something and ruin it. This isn’t so much the end of the Something to Fear storyline but it feels like a completely new road. And believe me for the first time in a while you have no idea where the hell this road is gonna take you. There has been substantial build up for this issue and Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard delivers an issue that will be remembered as one of the most brutal and heart wrenching in the series run.

Score: 9/10

Batman #11

Here we are. The finale of the almost year long Court of the Owls storyline. What sucks is that as big as this issue is it has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle of today’s Walking Dead issue and the announcement a few days ago that The Joker is returning in Batman #13 for the Death of the Family storyline and that is a shame because this is a great ending to Scott Snyder’s Bat epic.

Bruce has his battle with the King of the Owls who we found out last issue was a very integral member of the Wayne family…or was he? Snyder does a great job of leaving so many details up in the air with little bits of info here and there that you really never know if Batman’s faith in his detective skills are 100% accurate. This fight does not go without it’s fair share of destruction so we now say R.I.P. to Wayne Tower and await the return of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Score: 9/10

Batgirl #11

Knightfall offers for Batgirl to join her on her crusade against crime but seeing as most of the Bat family has the whole “no killing” rule (except Damian I guess) it’s a no go. Oddly enough it’s Detective McKenna that comes to Barbara’s aid and we learn the sordid background of Knightfall and that she may have a mole in the Bat group.

Score: 8/10

Batman and Robin #11

Damian continues his task of taking on all past Robins by getting in Jason Todd’s face about letting The Joker beat his head in with a crowbar. Fisticuffs ensue. Meanwhile, Terminus’ gang is branding (yes like cattle) Gotham citizens with the bat signal to rile up people’s fear of Batman.

God Damian is a douche. Had to put that down. Again.

Score: 7.5/10

Swamp Thing #11

Anton Arcane takes Abigail to a portal that leads to the heart of The Rot but Swampy arrives just in time to have a bloody brawl with Anton and his Un-Men. Arcane escapes into the portal and Animal Man shows up and has a hankering to follow Mr. Rot King into the portal. He invites Swampy for the trip. If you had told me a year ago that this title would be amazing on a monthly basis I would have had a hard time believing you. Moral of the story: never doubt Scott Snyder.

Score: 9/10

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2

Another winner with this issue. Hollis remembers back to the beginning of the Minutemen and how their fame started on a false story as well as the problems that arose almost immediately within the group. Oh and that Hooded Justice is a fu**ing sicko.


American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #2

Hobbes explains to Book the history of Dracula from his inception to his war against all other species of vampires and even humans. Hell even Jack the Ripper’s cause for murder is explained. Seems like Dracula’s coffin was taken by those pesky Russians who always have bad ideas and letting loose the lord of all vamps can not be a good one.

Score: 9/10

Game of Thrones #9

The tourney to celebrate Ned becoming hand of the king begins and Gregor Clegane gets unseated in a joust and pissed. Ned gets new information about Jon Arryn’s death from an unlikely source and Sansa swoons like an idiot over Loras Tyrell. God I hate Sansa. Even five books in.

Score: 8/10

Spider-Men #3

Miles and Peter fight off Mysterio’s illusions but can’t stop him from sealing Peter off in the ultimate universe. The Ultimates show up to investigate how the rift between world happened. Peter leaves to find out for himself what happened to him.

Hint- it’s pretty depressing because he’s dead in this universe and it also involves a trip to see Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. Awkward.

Score: 9/10

Well this new comic book day certainly lived up to the imaginary hype I had built up for it in my head. Walking Dead was gut wrenching and Batman ended the Owls storyline wonderfully. Till next week.

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Pull List 6/27/12

The Dark Knight #10

Gregg Hurwitz takes over writing duties with this issue and he is off to a great start with the beginning of a Scarecrow story that truly looks to be going in a disturbing direction. Children are being kidnapped and returned with no physical scars but emotionally dead. It looks like they are going to take Gordon in a dark place too with his disappearing act on Batman and his hallucinations about Barbara and James Jr. when he is affected by Scarecrow’s toxin. David Finch’s art is quality as always.

Score: 8.5/10

Batman Incorporated #2

Grant Morrison gives up the complete back story of Talia Al Ghul from her conception, to her training as a master assassin and even through to her and her father’s dealing with The Black Hand. It’s a good look inside the character but a step back from the weird first issue and we still are hanging on that cliff.

Score: 7.5/10

Aquaman #10

Aquaman and Black Manta finally get to duke it out here as Ya’Wara and Prisoner try to convince Aquaman to not kill Manta so they can learn what his plan is. Do heroes learn nothing. They end up giving Manta what he is after and he teleports away and surprises Mera and Shin. Mera finally learns the truth about how Black Manta’s father died at Aquaman’s hands. I smell marital problems later.

Score: 8/10

Superman #10

This issue hurt. Superman tries to figure out Anguish’s daddy issue as they fight around Metropolis. She sees the story on Superman’s secret (wrong) identity and heads off to kill the innocent man’s family. Yet somehow in this modern age no one can notice Superman fighting on the news stations as they ask this man if he is the Man of Steel?? Ugh. Anyway Supes gets all therapeutic and Anguish leaves. My head hurts.

Score: 5/10

Star Trek #10

Kirk, Spock and the rest of the away team discover the mystery of Beta III and how the Starship Archon became involved in the society that worships the machine Landru. Kirk rescues a hot chick to the Enterprise because….well he’s James T. Kirk. Kirk reports back to Pike and we learn that Beta III was a dirty Federation secret and Kirk is now being watched.

Score: 7.5/10

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1

Man was this issue loaded with stuff. We get a glimpse into Daniel’s early life with his abusive father and how his obsession with Nite Owl flourished into a partnership with the first man to wear the cowl, Hollis Mason. His first meeting with Rorshach is as random as you would think it should be. With the fleshing out of the character in this series the inevitable comparisons to Batman will come but you would just be depriving yourself of a good comic and classic character.

Score: 8/10

Spider-Men #2 (of 5)

Holy crap this book is just as good as the first issue. Peter and Miles have a slight skirmish on the rooftops of NYC. By skirmish I mean the most polite fight I have ever read and so dang entertaining. Miles gets the better of Peter and takes him to Nick Fury who gets to listen to one of the best Spider-Man rants ever and tasks Miles with telling Peter what is different about this alternate universe ( you know, the Peter being dead part). Mysterio shows up in time to try and kill both Spider-Men. Awesome.

Score: 9/10

All-Star Western #10

Arkham gets to enjoy the “charm” of Tallulah Black as he nurses her back to health. The Court of the Owls are still making plans and one of them involves using Jonah as an unknowing assassin. I’m glad to see the Owls weren’t just a one issue write off for the crossover event. With Hex being in the old west I want to see how powerful the Owls actually were in Gotham.

Score: 8/10

Justice League #10

Graves surprises the Justice League on their satellite base and makes quick work of every member. Like really, it took like two pages to dispatch the entire Justice League. So Graves must be the greatest villain ever in the history of comics. More Shazam at the end with the re-introduction of Black Adam.

Score: 7.5/10

The Ultimates #12

What appears to be the end of the Reed Richards/City story has Tony being used as bait while his “little friend” tries to sabotage The City’s main computer. And I promise you, you will never guess who Tony’s friend is. And Cap makes an appearance at the end to help just as all the hard work is done. Good job Cap.

Score: 8/10


Pretty decent week this week. Spider-Men is the obvious choice for book of the week. Sadly it looks like Superman will be getting dropped. I have given it ten issues and have yet to feel excited about the title.

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Pull List 6/20/12

The Walking Dead #99


Rick and the rest of the community begin to deal with Abraham’s death. This affects everyone in different ways with Rick wanting to see if Hilltop can provide any assistance and many of the residents wanting to leave the group altogether. Kirkman must have something big and bloody planned for next month’s milestone #100 with the setup that you have felt coming in the whole “Something to Fear” storyline. Let’s just go ahead and get the death pool up and running.

Score: 8.5/10

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1

This was one of the Before Watchmen books that I was worried about the most. I wasn’t sure if they would try to humanize one of the most famous assholes in comic history. Brian Azzarello has walked a good line with this first issue showing Edward’s relationship with the Kennedy family (including quite the favor done for Jackie) while showing that he was a tool of the government that is good at killing. Minutemen is still the shining gem so far but this was a very good start.

Score: 8.5/10

AVX #6

Ok now this is a little more what I expected. Not saying this was a great issue but to me things at least seem to be moving along at a brisker pace. I know, I know, I have been giving this series a hard time and for good reason but I am surprised that I didn’t feel a headache coming on after reading this issue. The Phoenix Five are remaking Earth into Utopia and The Avengers still have a problem with it (douches) and decide to kidnap Hope which, durr, pisses off Cyclops and that may not be a good thing seeing as he is almost a God now.

Score: 7.5/10 (a strong 7.5, I couldn’t justify an 8)

Spider-Men #1 (of 5)

Had to wait a week to pick this one up and it is a great read. Peter monologues about how much he love NYC while stopping thieves (you know Spidey stuff) when he notices a mysterious light that leads him to Mysterio who appears to have found a way to merge Peter’s universe with the Ultimate universe. And this being a comic Peter crosses over which will be somewhat of a problem since, you know, he’s dead in the Ultimate universe. I loved the final panel with Peter and Miles happening upon each other. Pick this up.

Score: 9/10

Winter Soldier #7

Two months have passed since last issue and Leo, Bucky’s old protege, has now killed five people with Bucky and Black Widow always a few steps behind him. After Leo kidnaps a Russian professor there is a great fight in an RV of all things and Bucky finally learns what Leo has been after the whole time. The series started off strong and hit a little lull at the end of the first storyline but so far I am liking the first two parts of this new story. Great action.

Score: 8/10

Nightwing #10

Now that the Night of the Owls is over (at least on Nightwing’s end) we get back to Dick being wanted for double homicide. Can’t forget about that even if you do have a massive attack and murders on city leaders going on. Nightwing investigates and leads him to Paragon, a new baddie with a cult following that is aiming to end our hero. Also adding to Dick’s dilemma is that he wants to reopen a historic piece of old Gotham and chooses to get help from Tony Zucco’s daughter seeing as she runs the biggest bank in Gotham. Life of a superhero. Kicking ass and negotiating mortgage rates.


Catwoman #10

Oh Selina, just when you seem to want to be bad you always find a good cause to latch onto. Someone is abducting hookers and street rats and Selina is determined to track them down even if it means alienating everyone that has been trying to help her these past few months. On a side note, I really wish they would drop the Alvarez character all together. He reminds me of Benjamin Bratt from the Catwoman “movie”. And I really do not like thinking of that while I am trying the enjoy a comic.

Score: 7.5/10

The Shadow #3

Lamont and Margo meet up and wait for Kondo’s assassination attempt at a lovely restaurant. The Shadow gets the drop on the hit men and proceeds to pull off a headshot clinic. He finds Kondo’s hideout but only finds a lot of pissed off Nazi’s and you guessed it, obliterates them with a tommy gun. Look, it’s Garth Ennis, he can get a little long winded but he makes up with it with plenty of bloody action.

Score: 7/10

Saga #4

Holy Sh**.

That about sums it up.

Alana and Marko work on their small relationship problem from last issue but the real meat of this issue is when The Will decides to fly to Sextillion for a little naughty R&R and things get weird. Like weird weird. Quick. There is a very satisfying death that makes you cringe a bit also. This is one of the most unique comics out there and you should give it a try.

Score: 8.5/10


That was a big week if I do say so myself.

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Summer Movie Preview


It’s about time for the summer movie season to begin. Honestly with last months huge Hunger Games opening you could say it began early this year. I’ll just go through the movies that I plan on attending this summer (that means Madagascar will not be in this list or any Adam Sandler movie) and will stick them all with a bomb score. The higher the score the more likely I think the movie may go bust when they open. You never know where you will get a Speed Racer or John Carter.

Let’s go!!

The Avengers (May 4)
Marvel’s five year gamble is about to pay off. Back in 2007 when Iron Man released and we got to see Nick Fury at the end credits we squealed just when he said the word “Avengers” now we’re only a few short weeks from the team up I thought as a kid we’d never see on the screen. Then Marvel did us nerds good by getting Joss Whedon to direct. Early screenings have been very kind and it really does have a chance to have the biggest opening ever.
Bomb Score: -8,456,178/10

Dark Shadows (May 11)
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have been talking about getting this movie made for almost a decade so imagine my surprise when the first preview showed the movie to be somewhat of a comedy. Not a bad surprise mind you. Fans who watched the show may hate it but I am glad they got away from the feel of the soap opera. We’ve seen Burton and Depp do dark drama and dark comedy so just throw them together. Sadly it opens a week after Avengers so it will most likely not open number one but hopefully it can still open big.
Bomb Score: 5/10

Men In Black 3 (May 25)
The sequel that kind of snuck up on everybody. It’s been ten years since the second movie underwhelmed me and a lot of people you talk to are kind of surprised a new MIB is coming out. The plot looks stronger than the second outing and hopefully Josh Brolin can bring some new vigor to the franchise. Like I said the word of mouth has not been too loud but by the time Memorial Day comes around I’m sure it will have a strong opening.
Bomb Score: 3/10

Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1)
Now that the horridly bright Mirror Mirror is in the rear view lets pay attention to the Snow White movie that actually looks good. I’ll admit I am not a Kristen Stewart fan but this movie looks like it will be dark and a lot of fun. But are we really supposed to believe that Stewart is hotter than Charlize Theron? That mirror must be high.
Bomb Score: 5/10

Prometheus (June 8)
While Avengers and Dark Knight are at the top of my must see list Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi is not far behind. The more I see in previews and in the brilliant viral marketing the more I can not wait to see this. I will admit (for the first time in print I believe) that the Alien series is my favorite series of all time (even Alien 3) so lets get ready to see the space jockey do more than be dead and ominous!
Bomb Score: 4/10

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22)
Yeah like I need to explain why I even wanna see this. Great Emancipator lopping heads and staking hearts….durr. Not sure if everyone else will be rushing to the theater like me though.
Bomb Score: 6/10

Brave (June 22)
Finally a summer where I can enjoy a Pixar movie. Last year was Pixar free with my hatred of Cars in full effect so I am ready for this Scottish tale of a daughter wanting to be more than what people expect of her.
Bomb Score: 0/10

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (June 29)
Ok. I admit it. I liked the first Joe movie. It was dumb fun. The good kind, not like Transformers 2. This time the look and feel is more serious. Call it a reboot without being a reboot. The Rock and Bruce Willis join the fight against Cobra Commander and we may get a Channing Tatum death. Win freaking win.
Bomb Score: 5/10

The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3)
It has been ten years since Sam Raimi brought everyone’s favorite web head to the screen and after the debacle that was Spider-Man 3 the studio wisely decided to reboot the franchise. We can all thank Nolans’ Batman for the darker look but I think it should give the character a fresh look. I have liked Andrew Garfield in The Social Network and Dr. Parnassus and he certainly has the Peter Parker look. Let’s hope this brings Spider-Man back to the top of comic movies.
Bomb Score: 4/10

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)
Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan finish their bat trilogy with a host of new big bads. Bane, Catwoman, Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul have come to Gotham and the city may finally fall. Come on its Batman so he will kick ass and talk to people in that growl that makes us wonder if Bale has eaten a scrub brush. Even after the credits roll have no fear because Nolan has taken on the producer role for the next set of Bat films.
Bomb Score: see Avengers

The Bourne Legacy (August 3)
No Matt Damon, no problem. Jeremy Renner, who basically kicks ass in everything, takes over the title role and no it’s not Jason Bourne. He plays a new agent trained as Bourne was with Edward Norton opposite him. Tony Gilroy, who directed the great Michael Clayton and wrote the three previous Bourne movies is the director so the series should be in capable hands.
Bomb Score: 6/10 (because of no Damon)

Total Recall (August 3)
Colin Farrell take over the Arnold role in the reboot of the 1990 sci-fi film. The first preview does look pretty interesting and having Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston adds to any movie. Really all I am looking for is some good sci-fi action and a chick with three titties. Is that too much to ask?
Bomb Score: 5/10

The Expendables 2 (August 17)
I didn’t see the first Expendables in theaters. I caught it on Blu-Ray and I have been kicking myself ever since for not seeing this testosterone fest on the big screen. That will be rectified with the sequel this year. Everyone’s back for the party (except Mickey Rourke) and Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme come with guns and some roundhouse kicks also. Let’s blow s*** up!!
Bomb Score: 3/10

Well there you have it. Any movies not on the list you plan on going to this summer? Let me know what movie and why you can’t wait to see it.