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Fifty Shades Of Takei

I have tried to think of something witty to say to accompany this video but my mind has officially shut down because the whole “celebrities read Fifty Shades of Grey” has reached its inevitable end….and it is glorious. Oh myyy indeed.


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Is Cumberbatch-errific

The teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness is here and I am more than a little happy in my pants. It is only a minute or so long but sets up Benedict Cumberbatch’s (still unconfirmed) character some quality talk time with us ,the viewer, so we can get an idea just how pissed he will be. My bet is still on Gary Mitchell.

Alice Eve is also featured in a few scenes and appears to be a new love interest for Kirk and has an odd resemblance to Elizabeth Dehner played by Sally Kellerman in the original series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” with Mitchell. It seems like all the pieces are falling into place.

The real surprise comes from the Japanese version of the trailer which has about 10 extra seconds of footage at the end along with a different Cumberbatch line. Take a look at it real quick and we’ll discuss.

Yeah did you see what I was talking about? If not, here you go.


Looks familiar right? What do you think is going on? Do you think Cumberbatch is still playing Gary Mitchell or does this scene go into Khan territory? It could be Abrams trying to throw us off and the other hand isn’t even Kirk’s. Too many questions still abound.

Damn you Abrams. Answer me!!!

Star Trek Into Darkness Gets A Poster But Not A Colon


Well that certainly looks bleak. Give Sherlock a leather jacket and he goes batshit crazy.

Hey look! It’s the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness and London appears to have gone through some remodeling. Benedict Cumberbatch’s bad guy role takes center stage in this really well done poster (yes TDKR is obviously the basis for this). It has not been officially said yet but there is every indication that TV’s Sherlock (the good one, not that shit show on CBS) will be playing Gary Mitchell, made famous from the original series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in which a Starfleet officer close to Kirk comes into God-like powers and gets on the crazy train.

I am excited.

Pull List 8/22/12

Supercrooks #4- 9.0

The Dark Knight #12- 8.5

All-Star Western #12- 7.5

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1- 6.5

Star Trek #12- 7.5


This week was a mixed bag with one great read, one very good one and three that barely managed average.

All- Star Western finished up it’s story with Jonah and company taking on the Crime Bible gang. It feels like I should be getting behind this series more but I just can’t get past the feeling that this is just simply a pretty good book (not bad mind you). I do have some excitement about the inclusion of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the next issue so let’s hope it picks up.

Star Trek ended their Trouble with Tribbles storyline on a bit of a down note. It was a good first issue but the conclusion just felt thrown together like the last five minutes of a cop show that tries to solve everything in one swoop. Even though I was disappointed with it the big disappointment of the week goes to the first issue of the Dr. Manhattan series. The reason for this Before Watchmen series is to give us new looks at the characters from the times only talked about in the graphic novel but what JMS gives us is a re-worded version of the middle of Alan Moore’s work that really doesn’t shed anything new or revealing on our favorite blue donged hero.

Best two books of the week were easily The Dark Knight and the finale of Supercrooks. Man has The Dark Knight been really good since Gregg Hurwitz took over a few issues ago. Scarecrow is back to being ultra creepy especially with the look into his childhood. I liked how the issue did not conclude when it didn’t need to. Batman begins the issue strapped to a torture table and it ends that way also. But Supercrooks is the best book of the week in a big way. It’s been a longer wait in between issues but Mark Millar certainly made the wait worth our while with a conclusion that has so many twists, blood and lost limbs that it is insane. I beg you if you are a fan of comics please pick up these four issues.

Also, if you did read Supercrooks how completely badass was The Gladiator in that fight with The Praetorian? Yeah…exactly.

Read comics!!!

Gears Of Star Trek’s Mass Effect War

Here is the new gamescom trailer for the upcoming Star Trek game that will bridge the first and second movie one would assume (along with the excellent monthly comic series). And yes as you can tell from the title the inevitable comparisons to Mass Effect and Gears of War will be incoming but I am thinking that basing your game on a classic series and great reboot then mixing it with two of the greatest game series ever can be nothing but a big warp drive full of win.

Now if there were Tribbles in the game, I would literally pee my pants.

Pull List 7/18/12


Justice League #11

Graves continues his plan by going after Trevor’s sister. Wonder Woman decides to go find Trevor herself but the League doesn’t think that’s such a hot idea so Diana decides to whip Green Lantern’s ass before she finally calms down to see reason. Women. Can’t live with em, can’t tell an Amazonian princess what to do. The team finds their way to the Valley of Souls as they get ever closer to tracking down Graves.

Score: 8/10


Nightwing #11

The end of the Nightwing murder mystery seems to be heading towards it’s conclusion. Detective Nie reveals his reason for going after Nightwing so adamantly and like most times it’s for love. Like Earth 2 Alan Scott love. What? No news stories on a gay Gotham detective? You’re slipping DC. Paragon pays a visit to Nie and we should get the big reveal next  month.

Score: 8/10


Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2

Laurie has moved away and is living with her newly found boyfriend and a bunch of hippies and smoking, banging and moonlighting as Silk Spectre. A new drug hits the streets that makes kids want to forget about all their care free hippie needs and make them embrace consumerism. Yep, that’s the issue. It was a little painful.

Score: 6/10


Saga #5

Marko and Alana run into some trouble as they try to make their way to the Rocketship Forest. The Will is still feeling noble and tries to take the slave girl with him off Sextillion and Stalk is catching up to Marko and Alana only to cross paths with Prince Robot. It doesn’t end well for someone. Every month it’s one wild, trippy ride.

Score: 8.5/10


Star Trek #11

This is a great issue because we get to see the crew of the Enterprise come in contact with everyone’s favorite furry multipliers, Tribbles. The Enterprise detects a rogue Klingon ship leaving Federation space and trace the ship’s journey back to what ends up being the Tribbles homeworld. The fun comes in when Scotty fails to tell the captain that he has already known about Tribbles and transported one to Earth for a family member. I feel trouble with Tribbles coming. Yes that was cheesy but I don’t care.

Who doesn’t love Tribbles? You don’t? Well f*** you.


X-O Manowar #3

Aric, fresh with a shiny new set of Manowar armor, leads a revolt against The Vine slavers. Most die in the struggle and Aric goes all balls crazy with the suit killing aliens left and right. He is transported back to Rome by the armor and he longs to find his wife and people. One small problem, it happens to be Rome in 2012. Dude just got Shyamalan’d. Village style.

Score: 8/10


Pretty good week this week. Saga was the favorite followed by Nightwing then Justice League. Silk Spectre actually took a step back which is weird considering it actually had some action in it. I hope the drug plot is not going to be the entirety of the main story but I am afraid it will be with only two issues left in the mini series.


Read comics!!!!



Pull List 5/30/12

Batman Annual #1
Scott Snyder gets the opportunity to write Mr. Freeze’s introduction into the new DC universe and completely nails it. Freeze escapes from Arkham (during the Night of the Owls) to hunt down Bruce Wayne who he blames for his accident and disappearance of his popsicle wife, Nora. We get the doctors back story beginning way back with memories of his mother having and accident. Snyder has kept the origin story almost intact except for one nice, big twist that is so good that it adds an all new depth to the character.
Score: 9/10

Animal Man Annual #1
I have just caught up with Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man and think it is one of the better titles DC is putting out every month. This story picks up right after issue 9 when Buddy had become infected with the Rot. Socks tells Maxine a story of the last time the Rot came and tried to overtake the Earth. A new Animal Man has been exposed and the Swamp Thing of the time join forces to drive the Rot back.
Score: 8/10

Super Crooks #3
Johnny gets to hear a rather gruesome story about how The Bastard punishes his victims to try and dissuade him from robbing him but alas it doesnt work. The group breaks down the mansion plans and suit up to start the robbery. As Kasey waits at the airport she gets a not so pleasant surprise.
Score: 8.5/10

The Ultimates #11
Tony and Thor make a deal to talk to the President about bringing Reed to justice. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents continue tracking down Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye to a secret facility where Nick Fury has a little secret hiding. Issue ends with a good cliffhanger and Reed accepting peace terms with the U.S.
Score: 8/10

Star Trek #9
The Enterprise stops on a planet know as Beta 3 and sends Sulu and another crew member to recon. When they go missing Kirk, Spock and Bones head down to the planet and discover the remains of a Federation ship and a computer that looks Federation built but was kept a close secret.
Score: 8/10

Star Trek/ Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 #1
The Earth comes under attack by a Borg fleet that do not seem interested in assimilation, only destruction. Federation officers manage to get the Prime Minister off world in a shuttle as we skip to the good doctor, Amy and Rory in the middle of an adventure in ancient Egypt. After saving the Pharaoh they hop into the TARDIS and drop into what they believe is 1940’s San Francisco but realize that Data in a pinstripe suit is a little out of place. Uh oh…holodeck fun. Good crossover start.
Score: 8/10

Game of Thrones #8
Ned tries to uncover the mystery Jon Arryn unraveled before his death. He learns from Littlefinger than multiple sources within the kingdom are keeping tabs on him. Back on the Wall Jon befriends a new brother, Samwell Tarly and learns how he came to be relegated to the Wall from nobility. Good to see Sam introduced this month finally.
Score: 8/10

There were a lot of releases also that I could not pick up simply for money reasons. Hack/ Slash Omnibus #4, Batman: Death by Design, Batman: Prey re-release to name a few. Rest assured they will be gotten soon.

Read comics!!!!

Pull List 5/2/12


Swamp Thing #9
The end of the first major story arc has Swampy in battle with Sethe to save Abby from becoming the queen of the rot. This comic is as close to perfect as it gets for me. Scott Snyder has made Swamp Thing one of the true must reads in comics. The art is always beautiful and the ending is the perfect setup for the next story. I can’t recommend it any higher.
Score: 10/10

Detective Comics #9
The Court of Owls comes the Arkham Asylum to kill the not-so-good doctor only to have a rude surprise. The inmates are let loose and attack the Talons. We also get our first look at New 52 Black Mask.
Score: 8/10

Action Comics #9
Lois from Earth (insert number here) does her best Sam Beckett and quantum leaps to Earth 23 as a evil robotic version of Superman follows her to do battle with the Superman of that world, who’s secret identity is the President. Morrison is losing me little by little.
Score: 7/10

Earth 2 #1
Now this book was great. We’re dropped on the back end of the Apokolips War as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman make their last stand to save their Earth. The battle is visceral and great to see and (SPOILER) they all bite the dust… the first issue!
Read this comic!
Score: 9/10

Star Trek #8
Kirk, Spock and Bones are taken hostage to Romulus as a Vulcan group of terrorists attempt to strike back at the Romulan Empire. I’m glad to see the characters progressing and not just in a holding pattern between the movies.
Score: 8/10

AVX #3
The X-Men slip through The Avengers fingers and both are in a race to find Hope. Wolverine and Cap have a discussion with fists and it’s Cap (believe it or not) that plays dirty and tosses Logan out of a jet. Not as hokey or bad as the first two issues but still not the “event” Marvel wants it to be….yet.
Score: 7/10

Fury: My War Gone By #1
Nick Fury remembers some war stories that have made him the man he is. First we begin in Indochina as he tries to help the French keep a hold of the island from the “savages”. It’s Garth Ennis so there’s plenty of ballsacks and fu**s to go around.
Score: 7/10

Epic Kill #1
Song is 18 and in mental institution by her own free will. She leaves, asses are kicked, throats are slit and bullets are dodged. Lots of bullets. Good first issue of this chick assassin.
Score: 8/10

Mind the Gap #1
A super size 46 pages starts off this mystery story of Elle who is rushed to the hospital and while the doctors believe she fell in a subway platform her friends believe someone attacked her all while we see Elle being led around in her subconscious by a mystery man. Trippy stuff and a very good read.
Score: 8.5/10

A lot of good titles this week with Swamp Thing being the obvious best with what I consider a perfect issue and great end to the first story of Scott Snyder’s tale.

Also don’t forget that Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday as well as The Avengers opening this weekend. Great week to be a comic fan!! Go out and enjoy!!

The Pull List 3/28/12


AVX #0
We start out the big event with M.O.D.O.K. getting his ass kicked (again), Scarlet Witch thinking she’s a horrible person, Vision telling her she’s a horrible person and Hope Summers telling Scott to f*** off.
Score: 7/10

AVX Rd. 1
Scott acts like a complete tool the entire issue and manages to kick start a fight with The Avengers. Good going dick. Oh and the Phoenix is back to take over Hope and make things fun.
Score: 7.5/10

The Ultimates #8
Reed may have found a new ally (as if he needed one). Tony and Thor are taken hostage while the president decides to take the offensive on The City. Pretty good stuff.
Score: 8/10

Aquaman #7
After last month’s Mera side story we get back to more serious tones with Black Manta back to cause more problems and Aquaman trying to unravel the mystery of who sunk Atlantis. This is still one of my favorite books every month.
Score: 8.5/10

All Star Western #7
Jonah heads to NOLA, which still looks as dirty today as in western days, to search for Moody only to get sidetracked by some good old fashioned gladiator type bum fights. Love the story but the art gets on my nerves a bit.
Score: 8/10

The Dark Knight #7
Batman and Bane go at it one more time to finish up the new venom story and we learn the secret of White Rabbit and no she doesn’t magically become a real rabbit.
Score: 7.5/10

Superman #7
New creative team begins with the introduction of Helspont who went to mid 90’s villain school. Dan Jurgens is involved so that may explain a lot. Not a big leap in quality (so far).
Score: 6.5/10

Star Trek #7
Good beginning to a new story directly correlating with the movie and a very good twist ending. Looking forward to see where it goes.
Score: 8/10

Also I am going through American Vampire Vol. 3 so here are the quick scores for the first two.
Vol. 1- 9.5/10
Vol. 2- 9.5/10
Moral of the story kids? Scott Snyder is one of the best things going in comics today.

Read comics!!!

When Star Trek Met Mass Effect


A new Star Trek game based in the J.J. Abrams universe is set to be released in 2012. It is a co-op based adventure game that looks to take it’s cue from Mass Effect. And as we all know with me being a Mass Effect fanatic and a lifelong Trekker this only whips me into a nerd frenzy. Take a look at the E3 trailer, made even more awesome by the excellent soundtrack by Michael Giacchino from Abrams’ reboot.