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Quick Poster Triple Play

First up is a new poster for the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead featuring Michonne and her trademark katana blade. One can only assume she is keeping her other torture tools saved for a later date. At least I hope so. Come on AMC don’t pussy out when it comes time to get disturbing.

The Walking Dead returns on October 14.

MGM is keeping up the very, very early hype for next year’s reboot of Robocop going with an early poster just to remind us folks that we all work for Dick Jones……DICK JONES!!! The future of law enforcement returns on August 9, 2013.

Hard to believe it has already been six years since Silent Hill released and actually wasn’t a sucky movie. Well we finally get a sequel…or not…no one really knows and really who needs to knows because it’s Silent Hill so just throw out some of the freakiest sh** you’ve ever seen and Pyramid Head skinning folks and you have a winner. The poster does have that Silent Hill feel and by that I mean WTF is going on?? Sean Bean returns for the new installment yet is not playing the same character as the first movie. Confused yet? I told you it was Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Revelations opens October 26.


Pull List 7/11/12

The Walking Dead #100 (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Don’t worry this is completely SPOLER FREE. I had spoilers last month but I don’t wanna chance anyone accidentally read something and ruin it. This isn’t so much the end of the Something to Fear storyline but it feels like a completely new road. And believe me for the first time in a while you have no idea where the hell this road is gonna take you. There has been substantial build up for this issue and Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard delivers an issue that will be remembered as one of the most brutal and heart wrenching in the series run.

Score: 9/10

Batman #11

Here we are. The finale of the almost year long Court of the Owls storyline. What sucks is that as big as this issue is it has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle of today’s Walking Dead issue and the announcement a few days ago that The Joker is returning in Batman #13 for the Death of the Family storyline and that is a shame because this is a great ending to Scott Snyder’s Bat epic.

Bruce has his battle with the King of the Owls who we found out last issue was a very integral member of the Wayne family…or was he? Snyder does a great job of leaving so many details up in the air with little bits of info here and there that you really never know if Batman’s faith in his detective skills are 100% accurate. This fight does not go without it’s fair share of destruction so we now say R.I.P. to Wayne Tower and await the return of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Score: 9/10

Batgirl #11

Knightfall offers for Batgirl to join her on her crusade against crime but seeing as most of the Bat family has the whole “no killing” rule (except Damian I guess) it’s a no go. Oddly enough it’s Detective McKenna that comes to Barbara’s aid and we learn the sordid background of Knightfall and that she may have a mole in the Bat group.

Score: 8/10

Batman and Robin #11

Damian continues his task of taking on all past Robins by getting in Jason Todd’s face about letting The Joker beat his head in with a crowbar. Fisticuffs ensue. Meanwhile, Terminus’ gang is branding (yes like cattle) Gotham citizens with the bat signal to rile up people’s fear of Batman.

God Damian is a douche. Had to put that down. Again.

Score: 7.5/10

Swamp Thing #11

Anton Arcane takes Abigail to a portal that leads to the heart of The Rot but Swampy arrives just in time to have a bloody brawl with Anton and his Un-Men. Arcane escapes into the portal and Animal Man shows up and has a hankering to follow Mr. Rot King into the portal. He invites Swampy for the trip. If you had told me a year ago that this title would be amazing on a monthly basis I would have had a hard time believing you. Moral of the story: never doubt Scott Snyder.

Score: 9/10

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2

Another winner with this issue. Hollis remembers back to the beginning of the Minutemen and how their fame started on a false story as well as the problems that arose almost immediately within the group. Oh and that Hooded Justice is a fu**ing sicko.


American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #2

Hobbes explains to Book the history of Dracula from his inception to his war against all other species of vampires and even humans. Hell even Jack the Ripper’s cause for murder is explained. Seems like Dracula’s coffin was taken by those pesky Russians who always have bad ideas and letting loose the lord of all vamps can not be a good one.

Score: 9/10

Game of Thrones #9

The tourney to celebrate Ned becoming hand of the king begins and Gregor Clegane gets unseated in a joust and pissed. Ned gets new information about Jon Arryn’s death from an unlikely source and Sansa swoons like an idiot over Loras Tyrell. God I hate Sansa. Even five books in.

Score: 8/10

Spider-Men #3

Miles and Peter fight off Mysterio’s illusions but can’t stop him from sealing Peter off in the ultimate universe. The Ultimates show up to investigate how the rift between world happened. Peter leaves to find out for himself what happened to him.

Hint- it’s pretty depressing because he’s dead in this universe and it also involves a trip to see Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. Awkward.

Score: 9/10

Well this new comic book day certainly lived up to the imaginary hype I had built up for it in my head. Walking Dead was gut wrenching and Batman ended the Owls storyline wonderfully. Till next week.

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Michonne Has A Headache. Don’t F*** With Michonne.

How about a small sampling of just what Michonne is all about for any folks that have not read the comics and are only familiar with The Walking Dead on television.

The show appears to have Michonne pretty well down, now let’s just hope that David Morrissey can bring it as The Governor. I’m sure the malice will be there but I still prefer my Governor to look like Danny Trejo.


Pull List 6/20/12

The Walking Dead #99


Rick and the rest of the community begin to deal with Abraham’s death. This affects everyone in different ways with Rick wanting to see if Hilltop can provide any assistance and many of the residents wanting to leave the group altogether. Kirkman must have something big and bloody planned for next month’s milestone #100 with the setup that you have felt coming in the whole “Something to Fear” storyline. Let’s just go ahead and get the death pool up and running.

Score: 8.5/10

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1

This was one of the Before Watchmen books that I was worried about the most. I wasn’t sure if they would try to humanize one of the most famous assholes in comic history. Brian Azzarello has walked a good line with this first issue showing Edward’s relationship with the Kennedy family (including quite the favor done for Jackie) while showing that he was a tool of the government that is good at killing. Minutemen is still the shining gem so far but this was a very good start.

Score: 8.5/10

AVX #6

Ok now this is a little more what I expected. Not saying this was a great issue but to me things at least seem to be moving along at a brisker pace. I know, I know, I have been giving this series a hard time and for good reason but I am surprised that I didn’t feel a headache coming on after reading this issue. The Phoenix Five are remaking Earth into Utopia and The Avengers still have a problem with it (douches) and decide to kidnap Hope which, durr, pisses off Cyclops and that may not be a good thing seeing as he is almost a God now.

Score: 7.5/10 (a strong 7.5, I couldn’t justify an 8)

Spider-Men #1 (of 5)

Had to wait a week to pick this one up and it is a great read. Peter monologues about how much he love NYC while stopping thieves (you know Spidey stuff) when he notices a mysterious light that leads him to Mysterio who appears to have found a way to merge Peter’s universe with the Ultimate universe. And this being a comic Peter crosses over which will be somewhat of a problem since, you know, he’s dead in the Ultimate universe. I loved the final panel with Peter and Miles happening upon each other. Pick this up.

Score: 9/10

Winter Soldier #7

Two months have passed since last issue and Leo, Bucky’s old protege, has now killed five people with Bucky and Black Widow always a few steps behind him. After Leo kidnaps a Russian professor there is a great fight in an RV of all things and Bucky finally learns what Leo has been after the whole time. The series started off strong and hit a little lull at the end of the first storyline but so far I am liking the first two parts of this new story. Great action.

Score: 8/10

Nightwing #10

Now that the Night of the Owls is over (at least on Nightwing’s end) we get back to Dick being wanted for double homicide. Can’t forget about that even if you do have a massive attack and murders on city leaders going on. Nightwing investigates and leads him to Paragon, a new baddie with a cult following that is aiming to end our hero. Also adding to Dick’s dilemma is that he wants to reopen a historic piece of old Gotham and chooses to get help from Tony Zucco’s daughter seeing as she runs the biggest bank in Gotham. Life of a superhero. Kicking ass and negotiating mortgage rates.


Catwoman #10

Oh Selina, just when you seem to want to be bad you always find a good cause to latch onto. Someone is abducting hookers and street rats and Selina is determined to track them down even if it means alienating everyone that has been trying to help her these past few months. On a side note, I really wish they would drop the Alvarez character all together. He reminds me of Benjamin Bratt from the Catwoman “movie”. And I really do not like thinking of that while I am trying the enjoy a comic.

Score: 7.5/10

The Shadow #3

Lamont and Margo meet up and wait for Kondo’s assassination attempt at a lovely restaurant. The Shadow gets the drop on the hit men and proceeds to pull off a headshot clinic. He finds Kondo’s hideout but only finds a lot of pissed off Nazi’s and you guessed it, obliterates them with a tommy gun. Look, it’s Garth Ennis, he can get a little long winded but he makes up with it with plenty of bloody action.

Score: 7/10

Saga #4

Holy Sh**.

That about sums it up.

Alana and Marko work on their small relationship problem from last issue but the real meat of this issue is when The Will decides to fly to Sextillion for a little naughty R&R and things get weird. Like weird weird. Quick. There is a very satisfying death that makes you cringe a bit also. This is one of the most unique comics out there and you should give it a try.

Score: 8.5/10


That was a big week if I do say so myself.

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The Walking Dead Car. More For Emma Stone, Not Woody Harrelson

This may be one of the oddest videos you ever watch.

Hyundai is collaborating with Robert Kirkman for a special edition 2013 Elantra that will be designed by Kirkman and unveiled at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con. Whether this is a simple concept car to be shown at the show or something actually practical and sellable remains to be seen.

Gotta admit though it is nice to see companies getting on board to do different ideas like this.

I can’t say I would pick an Elantra when the end comes though.