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WWE 13 Means To Start A Revolution

Here is the first preview for WWE 13 which reveals CM Punk as the cover athlete. WWE 12 was a damn fine wrestling game that reinvigorated the franchise and with the rumored legends roster being comprised of Attitude Era stars I have hope that this years offering will surpass 12. WWE 13 launches on November 1.


Extreme Rules 2012 Results & Review


WWE actually managed to pull off a big feat last night. Coming off of Wrestlemania they booked a quality card and managed to make the show feel just as good, if not a bit better, than the granddaddy of them all.

1. Randy Orton defeated Kane (Falls Count Anywhere)
Their match a few weeks back at Mania was not bad but both guys really gave it their all here. Some good in-crowd fighting and backstage brawling. Getting Zack Ryder involved helps keeps his character relevant no matter who Kane is up against. Crowd popped big at Orton’s kickout of the chokeslam and hit an RKO on a chair for the pin.
Rating: ***1/2

2. Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler
There are ways to get Clay over. Jobbing someone who should be a future world champion to him should not be one of them. Basic Ziggler match. He sells everything like a champ then takes a loss and gets paid.
Rating: ***

3. Cody Rhodes defeated Big Show for the Intercontinental Title (Tables Match)
A tables match was an easy way to get Cody the title back and they did it in such a believable way that you don’t mind the title change this soon. Show tried to come back in the ring and Rhodes dropkicked him and Show stepped on a table outside of the ring and it broke. And then Show’s face was priceless. Like a kid who just broke something very expensive. Props to Cody for taking the table bumps after the match to with Show press slamming him out of the ring to the table on the floor.
Rating: ***1/2

4. Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight Title (2 out of 3 falls)
Thank you WWE for finally giving us a real match between these two. I hope you see that they delivered on every level and that you crapped all over their Mania match. They went the ECW rout with 14 minutes passing before the first fall which Sheamus won when Bryan was DQ’ed for not letting up on the referee five count. Then Bryan quickly evened the count with the Yes Lock until Sheamus passed out. What’s this? Smart booking by the guys in the back? Color me surprised. Sheamus picked up the third after hitting a sick looking Brogue Kick and wrestling fans, like me, we’re happy we got a great match from these two.
Rating: ****

5. Ryback defeated two jobbers
Ryback has a good upside. He is big and certainly has a presence in the ring and the beating jobbers works on Smackdown every week but on a PPV….in Chicago? Not so much. I did appreciate the “Goldberg” chants.
Rating: N/A

6. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Title (Chicago Street Fight)
These two delivered big time last night. A hot crowd, two great wrestlers and and a ton of high spots made this the match of the night for me. I hope other guys were taking notes on how to do a brawl with weapons while still in the PG environment.
Rating: ****

7. Layla defeated Nikki Bella for the Divas Title
Beth couldn’t compete because of the ankle injury so we got the return of Layla. Honestly the WWE has done so much to harm the Divas division that only Kharma can save it.
Rating: *1/2

8. John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)
Now this match was intense. Like one of my friends said last night: “They finally found a way to make Cena sell moves….have someone actually hurt him.” Does it make me sick Cena won? Yes. As always. But am I glad he will be “injured” and gone for awhile? God yes! Brock showed everyone he still has the athleticism even after 8 years. The finish however did work from a story standpoint. Cena had his “Hogan overcome all odds” crap, Lesnar looked like a badass and he “injured” Cena even though he lost.

All in all a very good PPV only a few weeks after Mania. Match wise I think Extreme Rules was booked better. Now we get the summer time blues of pay per views until Summerslam comes around in August.

Just remember….Cena sucks.

The Greatest Wrestlemania Of All? A Comparison


I, as a lifelong wrestling fan, have always considered the 17th version of Wrestlemania to be its greatest. I just felt the card, as a whole, came together to make the most complete show ever. I have a friend who has always disagreed this point and attests that Wrestlemania 19 was the greatest.

I always believed it to be second on my list and it may have been a complete waste of time to try and figure out if I wanted to swap my one and two picks but it was my waste of time and I had to know. So going through each match we will see if I will hold true or accept change (which for a nerd is quite difficult).

Note: Matches are rated on a five star scale. So if something gets three stars don’t get you panties in a bunch it means I thought it was a good match.

Wrestlemania 17

1. Chris Jericho def. William Regal (IC Title)
Regal opened two Mania’s in a row both for the IC Title and neither could be called classics.
Rating- **1/2

2. Tazz & The APA def. Right to Censor
I think people forget how over APA was in the early 2000’s and the RTC had quite the ironic gimmick given how PG the WWE has become now.
Rating: **1/2

3. Kane def. Big Show & Raven (Hardcore Title)
Cody Rhodes has been showing clips of this match in his feud with Show but you can’t deny the match was fun to watch.
Rating: ***

4. Eddie Guerrero def. Test (European Title)
Here’s a fun little tidbit for you. Test, yes the late Andrew Martin, was actually a pretty darn good wrestler. This was in no way the match of the night but it was definitely the surprise of the night.
Rating: ***1/2

5. Chyna def. Ivory (Women’s Title)
A squash. As it should have been for the time.
Rating: **

6. Shane McMahon def. Vince McMahon (Street Fight)
You have to give it to the McMahon’s, for not being “professionals” they sure do give it their all. Bumps and all.
Rating: ***

7. Edge & Christian def. The Dudleyz and The Hardy Boyz (TLC Match for Tag Titles)
First off I’m not sure why WWE had a love of the unnecessary Z in names but it’s hell on my autocorrect. In my opinion this was my favorite of all the Ladder and TLC matches these teams had. It really was a nine person match with the likes of Spike Dudley, Rhyno and Lita all getting involved.
Rating: ****

8. Iron Shiek won the Gimmick Battle Royal
I still hold firm that this is always better to do instead of some asinine skit with Snoop Dogg or whatever backstage crap they try to buffer matches with. It was fun and was a great nod to lifetime fans.
Rating: ***

9. Undertaker def. HHH
Their first meeting at Mania (which WWE loves to let you forget for some reason) and it is more entertaining given they were ten years younger than last year’s encounter at 27.
Rating: ****

10. Stone Cold def. The Rock (WWE Title)
These two met three times in the span of five Wrestlemania’s and while each one was an epic match this is the one that truly showed two main eventer’s at the top of their game and showed that they would soon join the class of legends.
Rating: ****1/2

Wrestlemania 19

1. Matt Hardy def. Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight Title)
It was Rey pre-knee problems and Hardy in the phase of Mattitude not insane on YouTube.
Rating: ***

2. Undertaker def. Big Show & A-Train
This match hurts me to think about. Like Taker vs Giant Gonzalez or King Kong Bundy
Rating: *1/2

3. Trish def. Victoria & Jazz (Women’s Title)
I have always been a Jazz fan. Always felt like she got a raw deal. She was Beth Phoenix before anyone knew. This match held its own with any of the guys on the card.
Rating: ***1/2

4. Team Angle def. Los Guerreros and Rhyno/Chris Benoit (Tag Titles)
Yeah I typed Benoit (gasps). He existed despite the horrible things he did. I always thought Los Guerreros should have won this match but understood the need to make Angle’s guys look strong going into the main event.
Rating: ***

5. Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho
This wasn’t about Jericho sucker punching Shawn’s wife (although that was a great part of their later feud) this was about Jericho wanting to show that he had surpassed Shawn. Pure ring magic.
Rating: ****1/2

6. HHH def. Booker T (World Title)
Booker T was never hotter in his career than he was during this feud. We’ve all heard the stories of HHH nixing a Booker win only days before the show but it doesn’t change the fact that this was a great match.
Rating: ****

7. Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon (Street Fight)
Just like two years ago Vince found himself in a street fight but this time against his greatest creation (Shane is technically his creation but I doubt his greatest. Have you see Steph’s rack?) Hogan really brought it and this match will always be remembered for the visage of a bloody Vince peering into the ring with a smile.
Rating: ***1/2

8. The Rock def. Stone Cold
This match is not the best of the three but it takes on much more importance now that we know about the Austin ER scare the night before and that this ended up being Stone Cold’s final match.
Rating: ****

9. Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle (WWE Title)
These two definitely lived up to the main event spot despite neither being in the business too long. Sure Angle had been there longer but only a few years. The fact Brock survived his ill fated Shooting Star Press is still amazing to me to this day.
Rating: ****

If you made it to the end of this blog then I applaud you for being a true fan and wasting your time with me. I don’t change my mind often but going back and going through these two events again I believe that because of the main event quality matches (no less than 4) that I will readily say that Wrestlemania 19 will sit atop my list of the greatest of all.

But not by much 🙂

What are your favorites? What are you most reviled (13)? Let me know!

Later guys!

10 Great Themes Of Forgotten Wrestlers


The wrestling business is the epitome of a high turn around job. You can be hired and fired without even making it onto television. And even for the select few that do make it stardom is never assured. But whether the wrestlers’ run last for years or mere weeks they will no doubt come equipped with theme music. So here is some of the best themes for ten wrestlers that have fallen by the wayside. This is no top ten just a random list because there are way more than ten awesome themes floating out there for forgotten mid (or low) carders.


Mike Awesome (ECW)

Before The Miz trademarked the word Mike Awesome held the title of Awesome One. Before WCW made a joke of him, his run in ECW was violent and impressive and he has some of the greatest lyrics in any theme ever.


D-Lo Brown


The master of the head shake and chest plate. D-Lo was always under utilized in my opinion.




Could they wrestle a decent PPV match without being fired? No. Did they have music you could easily fist pump to? Yes.


Sandman (WWE)


Enter Sandman is one of the greatest metal songs of all time but this is his WWE theme I am talking about. Not a bad theme considering it had to follow Metallica.


Kidman (WCW)


Kind of a shame that Kidman will be remembered for great theme music and being the guy that hit Stacy Keibler before George Clooney did.




What’s not to like? A militant sounding theme, he wrote wonderful poetry and possibly raped Michael Cole in a backstage vignette.


Los Boricuas


I don’t understand a word of it but it makes me want to watch wrestling and eat a taco.


Rob Conway


The king of Sunday Night Heat. Somewhere Randy Newman is rolling over in his grave. What? He’s not dead? Are you sure?




This character was actually way ahead of the curve and a great creepy theme.




He has great music, gives amazing speeches at weddings and punts babies. Don’t believe me? Watch this…