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Let’s Play Dying Light

Two Games, One Emotional Feeling


It is not often that games can evoke emotion out of me, much less game trailers. Two games yesterday at Gamescom were able to do just that.

First is WiLD from Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ansel. It is an online survival game that lets you live out adventures of not just human characters, but animals as well. It is stunning to see and already has me ready to take this journey.

Next up is Rime, a puzzle adventure game where a boy must uncover secrets of a mysterious island. It looks as if Ico and Wind Waker made love and this is their beautiful game child.

No release dates were given for either game. One would guess sometime in 2015, although it is never to early to ask them to take my money now.

Dishonored Lets You Indulge In Your Homicidal Rat Fantasies

Dishonored is one of my games to watch for this fall. The first person stealth game reminds me of the best things about the first Bioshock while feeling original at the same time.

This video shows just some of the inventive ways you can combine your powers to take care of enemies. A lot of them you will notice involve the use of rat hordes. In one instance you can attach a bomb onto the back of a rat and possess said animal and send Fievel west until he explodes.

Anyone remember Fievel? What happened to him? Land Before Time gets nine sequels but An American Tale gets one? Whatever.

Anyway. Watch the video, pre-order the game. Dishonored is out on October 9.

Guild Wars 2: Collector’s Edition Gets Unpacked Or How Felicia Day Can Make Me Want Anything.

I am not a huge MMO guy. I never got into World of Warcraft and I still am waiting for this fall when Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play to get my lightsaber swing on but I’ll be damned if Felicia Day doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition.

Not only do you get to see the sweet amount of swag loaded in the box but you get to enjoy Ms. Day’s genuine excitement and a ‘that’s what she said’ joke.

A good day.

Michonne Has A Headache. Don’t F*** With Michonne.

How about a small sampling of just what Michonne is all about for any folks that have not read the comics and are only familiar with The Walking Dead on television.

The show appears to have Michonne pretty well down, now let’s just hope that David Morrissey can bring it as The Governor. I’m sure the malice will be there but I still prefer my Governor to look like Danny Trejo.


Robocop Viral Campaign Begins

We are still over a year away from the release of the rebooted 80’s classic Robocop but the the studio is already planting the seeds for the big release with the first piece of viral marketing.

Omnicorp (OCP) is still here for all of our military needs including the ED-209. I just pray that Hugh Laurie’s character is still named Dick Jones. DICK JONES!!

I would also like to request that Kurtwood Smith be given a cameo if only to say “Bitches Leave”.

Robocop releases August 9, 2013 and stars Joel Kinnaman, Hugh Laurie, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and hopefully Kurtwood Smith.

The Man With The Iron Fists Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

Neither is Wu Tang, but we already know that.

I am going to go ahead and say that most people that see this preview will laugh and instantly hate it. Those people are not fans of “kung-fu” movies.

While Chinese Connection, Game of Death or Drunken Master may not be cinematic masterpieces they were a huge part of my childhood and made the martial arts movies one of my go to’s when I was a kid.  And true to those films this preview is such an assault on the senses and I mean the in the best possible way.

Say what you want about RZA, he has never shied away from the fact that he has an absolute love of the martial arts society and movies. Now he has written a screenplay with Eli Roth and with the help of Quentin Tarantino, who knows a thing or two about making funky, awesome movies, is about to unleash his dream movie upon us.

Even if the preview doesn’t impress you, you have to be impressed with the cast that they assembled here. Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune and even Mr. “I Walk Alone” Batista.

The Man With The Iron Fists opens up later this year.

3 Boobs Makes Total Recall Remake Officially Total Recall

Was that so hard?

I was ready to give the Total Recall remake a shot but couldn’t in good conscience go knowing that every woman in the movie was going to be two breasted. Shallow? Yes. What can I say, I am a Total Recall purist. I like three titties.

Total Recall opens August 3.

Badass Preview Day Take(n) 2!

I am pretty proud of that title. Do you know how hard it is to come up with something witty on a consistant basis? Especially when there is not a lot of wit to start with.

If you loved the first Taken, chances are you have a penis. If not, then I am sorry for your lack of manhood that kept you from enjoying Liam Neeson going absolutely batsh** crazy on the dudes that kidnapped his daughter.

If you are a chick that loved Taken, then I love you.

Well it seems like there are repercussions from killing like 30 dudes in all kinds of horrible ways and one of those is the families being more than a little pissed off. So they decide to take Liam Neeson’s Jean Grey look-a-like wife and we all know where that is going to lead.

Taken 2 releases in October.

Let’s Just Go Ahead And Be Honest About Avatar

Avatar is the biggest movie of all time. It will remain that for a very long time. Even The Avengers, with all the records and bank loads of money, couldn’t touch Avatar’s total gross.

But let’s be honest, Avatar has a lot of problems. Yes the 3D was truly awesome when you saw it in theaters but if you have ever watched it more than once the holes begin to show.

The guys at Screen Junkies, who did the insanely funny Transformers Honest Trailer have fulfilled many fans request and given us one for the biggest movie ever. Enjoy!